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Buzzers… Saturday…

This will be a ‘100% rest’ weekend for me. Just to break away from the daily schedule. Which is almost

the same as taking a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip. It’s just one long ‘come up for air’ moment (Which usually
only lasts for 1-2 hours).

Talking of TC 2.0…

You really need to eye up the @fitbuzz Instagram feed. Because at least one of those locations will be

1-3 hours from your home location.

And the challenge @ yesterday’s newsletter?

Simply send your best pics across via FB messenger below, when you take a TC 2.0 trip. I’ll upload them

to a new photo/video album on the profile and on the @fitbuzz FB page.

The goal of course… Will be to jam that album out with a ton of uploads over the next several months.


Since we’ve focused on the Becoming S-curvish and shred-curvish parts of the experience this week.

And not the experience as a whole…
> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Let’s get back to some basic blueprint tips that put you on the right path, towards this goal.

#1 Rating foods from A-F…

It’s still crazy to me, how some folks are still uneducated in this area. But that’s OK. It means we just

need to keep spreading the message, to the folks that need it.

It’s pretty simple. Which is…

A = Apple
F = Apple pie with custard

I) Most of your meals will be A-C rated. Because just ‘A’ is too boring @ taste. And to increase the amount

of nutrients that you’re exposed to.

II) A-rated fruit will be your cheat snacks, most of the time.

III) F-rated foods can be enjoyed on the occasional TGIF cheat night.

Things get a little more advanced after that @ tailoring for the long term. But to start with… That’s all you

need to know.

#2 The way you move

Becoming S-curvish = Lifting weights

Shredding to smexy = S-curve bodyweight exercises

Just sticking to that simple info will save you a lot of time and disappointment.

#3 Whey and casein are the only supplements you ‘need’ via > More buzz.

Conclusion blueprint tips

– it’s the 121 coaching chats that cause you to succeed. With the $300 a month results phase being the

top end of that @ daily coaching chats.

– Going long term, is the ONLY way you’ll get your total fix. Around 6-8 months until 60% S-curvish and

mentally fixed for good. And 6-18 months until 90-100% S-curvish.
It’s like being at university… You’re missing out if you don’t complete all of your modules, in the order
that it’s taught in.

If you don’t look or feel like a better version of yourself. It’s because of the above @ currently not doing.

Reply and/or message to talk. Because the stuff that we talk about, will be further

discussed in the newsletter.


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