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Buzzers… Saturday…

Just a few words/points… On the ‘state of things’ at present… Before we get into what that headline is about…

#1 It’s very hard to be ‘fake’ today. People everywhere, are getting better at due diligence. So like I’ve always said to you. If there’s anything you want to get into, outside of the S-curve formula. Then do your research. Trust that thing. Then get into it.

#2 Everything is more real and live now.

If you have watched me this week. You would have seen how very real, every event has been. I’ve taken pics and videos of it all (Add/Follow me on FB). So that will continue on. With me… @ FB stories.

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It’s a date…

That is… I spend a lot of time with those who become FitBuzzers, S-curve members and eventually… Friends. It’s natural… We’re human. That’s just going to happen.

And often times… A monetary fee isn’t even required from me at that point. Because you’re already in the family.

It’s a bit like how a private island resort operates (Ideal TC2.0 location btw).

There’s a membership fee. But once you’re in… Everything is free. With the value given/experienced… Being worth much more than was paid for with money.

And yesterday… Extended into a cinema (Antman and wasp) and eat out day with Rhoj (Real estate lady). After that random shopping trip.

She’s living every part of this S-curve experience. Which is why we’ve stayed connected, after those first few gym sessions a few months back.

And… Because she’s become more involved in S-curve world itself. Meaning her friends and family know about it.

And in terms of becoming S-curvish ‘chatter’. She was asking about supplements the most.

Because like with most people… She gets confused. Like..

– She sees my physique… Yet I don’t take supplements.

– She looks S-curvish. But not 90-100%, like some of our associates or even S-curve members.

– She tries out stuff her self. But can’t seem to nail it.

So… Around in circles she goes.

And that… Is why we’ve gone ‘high end’ over time. To bring you in close. To show you how to make this work for YOU (Which is what holds most people back from ‘starting’ here).

The pricing… The programming… Whatever it ends up being… Is reflective of your daily lifestyle. Or whatever that is to become.

But let me tell you what I told her @ supplements…

#1 You only need them to boost the value of main meals. Or to help hit the nutrients required, that you need from each meal.

#2 You only need them… When you want to get to 90-100% S-curvish.

#3 They’re good to use as a sugar replacement. Since you only use sugar to boost taste. Example = Whey on oats, instead of sugar.

#4 It’s all about the ingredients. You are good to go… If the ingredients match what’s required in the S-curve formula meals. Wether that’s food or supplements.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– This > portable Pepsi mini fridge – Because it’s an ideal S-curve experience ‘goodie’.

– > Santorini views never get old.

– > Lean bean… Since we spoke about supplements today.

– The @fitbuzz apparel has always been > very honest (The one that sits on the side bar of  is another example).


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