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Buzzers…Weekend day #2…


It’s been a weekend of ‘connecting with folks’ again. And I’ve been getting into another TV show today @ Mr.Robot. So far… So good. We’ll kick start the new week tomorrow with a bang. But for today… Let’s continue on with yesterday’s vibe and just ‘talk it out’.


@ Today’s headline…
After years of working with ‘people’ (Different industry’s… Similar type of role every time). And… With connecting with people in general.

The #1 reason that I see, for choosing something…

– A service
– A hubby/wife to be
– A friend

Is because of ‘trust’.


– So what if a person is your type, in terms of ‘looks’. If they’re trash in all other areas. Then you can’t trust them.

– So what if a biz has the best product available. If they screw you up down the line. Then you won’t use them.

And In almost all cases… Building up a good level of trust takes time.

In today’s highly connected world… It means that we all have many options for the things that we desire or are interested in.

– Too much ‘date’ options
– Too much travel booking options
– Too much ‘Everything’

The 1st thing that is good to do today, is to find something that represents your specific needs, as much as possible.

That way… You prevent yourself from being disappointed in the near future. Which is why it’s ‘usually’ not a good idea to get ‘married’, early on (In any kind of relationship).

You know… Which leads to outcomes like…

”Oh… He/She is not who I though they were”

= Bad/wasted investment @ everything.

The 2nd thing of course… Is to trust. Which means following something for a long time. As folks can’t fake their true character after 3-6 months.

And then… To search around for any ‘dirt’ on them. Which is pretty easy to do in today’s world.


Trust levels in @fitbuzz/S-curve world

First… I always send people to the > back story newsletter that was written almost a year ago. That will show folks how we all followed through, over a long period of time.

  • Then… The hall of fame links.
  • Then.. This newsletter or Messenger bot.
  • And then… To Google ‘my name’ to look for dirt. I already know that there’s zero dirt to be found. As I’ve personally not done anything dirty.



We’re an S-curve experience now. Which means that we’re dealing with people in more ‘areas’. So make sure you use the above ‘trust rules’ in all areas. If not already.

And most importantly… Keep those ‘trusted sources’ close. Especially when they still currently serve you well.

You know… Like…

”Don’t leave the one you love, for the one you like” kinda thing…

If you do… That previous ‘love’ might not accept you back (In all relationship ‘types’).

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