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Today’s headline
What I’m getting at there, is > this T-shirt. And… About the ‘feelings’ that you get along way, whilst
reading this newsletter. Which leads you to eventually ‘officially’ starting.

So let’s get into it…

It all starts with what we talked about > yesterday.

You see… You already know that there’s a long term process to experience, somewhere in your journey.

And you already know that you won’t start on that journey straight away. No one ever does. It almost

always ‘starts’ on stage 1 or 2… First. It’s even encouraged. Simply because of the way that you’ll feel,
each step of the way.

Remember… I did say that the whole process works like a university course. Which means you’ll never

get to semester 3 without going through semester 1 first.

Back to feelings…

Again… You know everything about how things work around here. You see it all, everyday via > More buzz.

But the right time to start, will almost always depend on how you feel, during the moments leading

up to the moment, when you actually to start.
Some triggers =

– You finally had enough of hiding body parts with the clothes that you wear. Or striking silly poses when

people take pics to hide body parts.

– All of your ‘close’ friends/peers start making big changes in their lives. And there you are, just falling


Note: It’s a great thing to be influenced by the people that are close to you. Especially if they’re succeeding

with the changes that they’re making.

Because that is also one of the biggest and most fulfilling things that happens here. All of > those ladies

ended up on that page, from the positive results of just 1 Person @ friends of friends eyeing up Facebook
timeline before and after posts.

So the question is… What are you ‘feeling’ right now?

The answer… Will be a part of the foundation of YOUR overall plan. Which of course… Has a lot to do with

that other 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff.

Just take a look at Fitbuzzer Mr.I. Singh’s…

(Ya… There’s a % of dudes who follow. Many are here for their wives/girlfriends… Or just a fan of the overall message)
Direct message to me, from > yesterday’s newsletter.

It doesn’t matter that he’s a dude… Because he still reacted, based on a ‘feeling’.

He’s followed for a while. But it was a feeling that made him reach out. And this is what I teach new people

that I meet.

That is… The butt (And social media posts) gets you ‘in the game’. But once all of that glitz and

glamour is gone… It’s your true feelings, needs and wants that come into play.

And then your journey to an ever lasting fix… Begins.

So… What are you feeling right now?

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