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Buzzers… TGIF…

Becoming S-curvish 

It’s hard not to talk about that right now… Since members have become active in full force. So it’s all smelling like roses in this part of the S-curve experience right now (You’re welcome to come in and take a sniff, if your face isn’t already in it).

And historically… It always is more active at this time of year.

It just makes sense. The suns out… And you do not want to be looking like trash, as you parade ‘around’.  And we all know the benefits that come with looking S-curvishly great.

And… Because more members are starting. The most important thing, is the 21-28 day results.

It comes… As long as everything is followed. The only time it’ll take longer, is if you have a higher than usual body fat percentage (About 27% and above).

Taking part in other activities 

That’s the best thing about becoming an S-curve member… Within today’s focus @ S-curve experience.

Is that, you are encouraged to take up other activities. You can do what ever the fudge you want (For me, it’s learning how to surf at present) as long as the activity isn’t categorised as slow-go cardio.

Since that leaves you with shrunk butt and a skinny-fat frame (‘Soft lean’ and epic butt/tiny waist is the goal).


The results will still come. And it won’t feel like you’ve gone through a chore (constant working out) to get it.
What can get you to S-curvish results quicker?

Results Phase

It’s intense… And lasts 4 weeks when done properly. > Like this (Which was recorded LIVE every single day).  But is always ‘very’ worth it.

It’s the most expensive program on here ($300 for the month) because of it. It uses every aspect of the S-curve formula (Actually still takes 3-4 months to use all of it though… Really).

These supplements…

– > Lean bean.
– If you’re a guy reading this (The hubbies have joined in + The male FitBuzzers have made a return this year… Since we’ve become more of an ‘experience’ overall) then > this.

– > Whey (The usual… Pre/Post workout and breakfast).

– > Casein (Before you sleep, every night without fail).

Wether it’s food or supplements… The reason you’ll ‘ever’ see ’em listed, is because the ingredients match the S-curve meal structure (See More buzz below).

Yes… You’ll initially have to learn the S-curve meal structure. But it won’t take long before the habit building shenanigans set in.


It won’t be an issue on a Results Phase, as it’ll knock you out and make you sleep. But getting 8 hours every night without fail, will boost your results.

Yup… That’s pretty much it. The S-curve formula covers everything else that needs to be done.

Just remember… That things change after the first 4 weeks. That’s when the real heart of the S-curve formula kicks in. Because that’s the time when most people quit.

That’s the big value… Of having stages 1-4 in existence @ making the hard sh*t, easier @ past experience + proven science.

Also @ remember… The stuff that you do today, is setting you up for the future. You will NOT be the same person this time next year. You’ll be better.


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