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Buzzers… Saturday…

That’s related to a Fitbuzzer > fave tee. And has been a for a while.

I personally like the theme of it. As it’s never a good idea to judge on first appearances. And if you are a ‘cute looking’ person. You surely will be a beast beneath that cuteness, if you start living S-curvishly!

It’s been a beast of a week too…And hopefully, you’ve been taking notice.

If you haven’t. You have indeed been missing out! @ shame on you, if you’re here for the help, but not acting like you want any.

Our social media channels are always hyper active. And it’s where almost all communication happens (The serious chats happen in Messenger and email).

And yesterday’s activity triggered a lot of direct messages to come through. So today… I’m going go over some of the topics that was covered.

So let’s get into it…

Areas of focus = The butt

The first rule @ fixing any body part… Is to realise that you can only build it up to be YOUR body parts best version of it.


You’ll never have epic ‘upper’ calves, if they don’t naturally look like that. Like a typical long distance

runners calves.

This rule applies to your butt too.

In general… You’ll have a hard time making your butt look epic, if you don’t have a naturally high butt (Like me… Hehe).

But there are always things you can do to make it YOUR best.

#1 Shrink your waist 


This isn’t easy to achieve for everyone. But it can be achieved by all. It’ll just take a little longer if you have a high BF% or are naturally ‘big-ish’.

Full range of motion exercises – Because doing so… Hits more muscles fibers …

– Standing knee to elbow exercise
– One arm side to side dumbbell swings

The food 

This is a job for 121 coaching via > The new Stage 2 onwards.

It starts by following > this video.

And to make sure you always do the following… At least to start with…

– Increase your total daily food intake (Number of calories)
– 40 grams of fat daily (Mostly Mono/Poly)
– The S-curve meal structure, based on your lifestyle
– Vary your food types regularly

That stuff is hard to do on your own, over the long term. Which is why the monthly program came about. And because of that… Results improved across the board.

#2 Wack your butt

Everyone has a set of muscle groups, that respond well to certain types of training. This is what we figure out, during your foundation month.

Here’s what typically works (After seeing this play out a gazillion times over… Over the years).

A) Focus in 90 degree abduction exercise variations.

B) Focus on side to side leg lifts. The standing variation, whilst you’re slightly bent at the waist.

C) Super reps – This is when you count down through 5 seconds, on each rep (A slow rep).

D) High tension reps (When you go 25% away from the peak of the rep. At the top and the bottom. There’s no rest at either end. You’re just keeping the momentum going until you’re wiped out for the set.

E) > Go heavy.


Yup… Yesterday’s chatter was dominated by booty talk.

There is one solution for all. The outcome changes slightly every time. As everyone enters this, with a different set of problems, every single time.

So if you’ve been failing and want to get fixed… Get the help. So that you can start spending that wasted time on TC2.0 trips like these…

> Scroll…


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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