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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s day 2 for me… @ what I said my weekend would look like.

But as per yesterday’s FB profile updates. I of course managed to enjoy my Saturday night. Which included watching > Coco for the 2nd time (unexpectedly).

Today’s headline

I am of course talking about RECAPO. And how we only have 2 more left before 2018 kicks into gear.

Let’s do today’s > RECAPO.


We highlighted ‘trust issues’ on this day. And how to keep the frauds away @ your life.

And of course… We showed how we’ve been putting out our own trust ‘feelers’ into the world. Especially for the new people who sign up to the email/FB page newsletter.


We’re at the end of the year now. So it’s only right that we explain once again, how certain elements of the S-curve formula work.

And on this day… It was all about nutrition.

It’s simple. And a lot of info. But you learn about it gradually, as you move through the phases/stages.


The approach to how we teach you about working out for the S-curve has changed slightly.

The the formula remains the same, as it has done over the past few years + continuously evolving.


On this day… We focused on ‘planning’. And it’s a newsletter that’s worth keeping on your bookmark list. At least until we evolve what’s written there.

And this is probably the most important newsletter to read right now. As we head into 2018.


Yup… That planning newsletter was important. Because on this day… It got a sequel. Especially in regards to what things will actually look like as an official member.

It’s usually different to how most think it is. And most who are new to succeeding, kick themselves for not starting sooner.

That itself is a blueprint tip that you can take into 2018 @ be open to try new things. Because every now and again, you’ll be surprised with the outcome.


Things ‘do’ happen over night? I explain how on this day.


Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.


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