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Buzzers… Monday…

The weekend is over. Which means it’s time to kick start the week. So let’s get into it.


The biggest problem that we have today… 

Is that…
– FitBuzzers don’t know what to do about being ‘busy’.- FitBuzzers don’t think it’s possible for their life to be simplified/fixed.

– FitBuzzers don’t know who to trust (Or take longer before they do ‘trust’).

Yes… Getting an S-curvish body makes things easier @ daily life shenanigans (As S-curve members have said). But the problem starts with the above.

Without solving the above problem. We can’t get to the ‘body part fixing’ side of things anyway.

So that’s where we will always place a focus @ mindset/lifestyle fix.

– > Here (The Results Phase is ‘THE’ top end option).

– > Here (That pre-paid, has been designed to be the best option for this time of year – Remember what I said about timing, in Sundays newsletter…).

Where we don’t have a problem 

#1 Travel-curvish 

Yup… And you don’t have to be 90-100% S-curvish to embrace this. Especially since some destinations don’t require you to get naked. Just to ‘come up for air’ only. In a > place like this.

This takes you away from all the crappy energy that may be surrounding you. Energy… That some new FitBuzzers have, when they first arrive here. Due to their current environment(s).

Which of course, turns into positive energy. When they start consuming S-curve world stuff and taking TC/TC2.0 trips.

At which point. Living life as an active S-curve member, becomes a more enjoyable experience.

It’s all about the vibe.

#2 Guaranteeing your results

This hasn’t been an issue for a few years now. Back in 2014… We could 70% guarantee what your outcome would be. Regardless of your body type, past shenanigans.

Today… It’s 100%! (As long as you’re on Stage 3 or Pre-paid, for a minimum of 3 months).

– Due to the collective experience that we’ve had with S-curve members over time.

– Because of the new things that we continuously add to the S-curve formula. You know… Stuff that makes sense… Like 121 coaching/Therapy. Which is the strongest feature, that almost everyone needs/requests… In order to push through, for any time longer than 30-45 days).

Personally… I can look at any body type, of a person walking down the street. And tell you how fast/long it will take to reach a desired result.

That’s why today… There’s a new focus on an S-curve member partnership program. Which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s newsletter.

To conclude 

There are other areas where we have problems.

And there are other areas where we don’t have problems.

But the two that are highlighted above… Are the two most important to mention.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Probiotics @ important supplements that don’t fall under the ‘protocol supplements’ category that you see on Morebuzz.

– > S-curve bodyweight circuits with your kids @ yet another way to get them involved, young. Because what they do and learn in those years. Sticks with them… For life.

– > Honesty is indeed an S-curve world policy. And the great thing about reaching 90-100% S-curvish. Is that you get to look like a completely different person… For the better.

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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