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Buzzers… Wednesday…
So… Continuing on from > yesterday…Kasandra is now an official S-curve member… As per our continued conversation yesterday.

Her motivation levels are high, due to our Tumblr activity (It probably has the highest engagement out of all of our platforms right now).

And her motivation levels flew way higher, after she found out that someone behind the scenes @ S-curve world, was about to help her directly.

This is the most critical part of getting results. Especially for someone that’s constantly failed at getting it on their own.

I gave her > two options. And even she agreed, that option 2 was best. Which is what I always tell YOU to

do @ any stage past stage 1.

Especially if you have a long history of failing.

It works out for the best… Simply because something magical happens, when you start working 121

with someone.

She will most likely carry on to month two.

And as a bonus, she’ll get some bonus 121 sessions for the month @ stage 2.

Enter: Spring season 2018 – New Stage 2

This is important. Because those 121 sessions are recorded, inside your Messenger and on your member page, as daily updates.Which means you can refer back to it, months or even years later.

Because most people who just get on coaching calls or even in-person coaching sessions… Just rely on the info that’s fed to them, on the day.

And will most likely forget everything that they did.

They’ll keep the ingredients in mind. But will tend to forget how to use the formula that’s given to them.

So… More sessions it is for Kasandra @ habit building shenanigans last forever.

Which means… I’ll do the same for you, if you get in on the New Stage 2 before the weekend hits.You don’t have to start before the weekend. You just need to do the Paypal stuff before the weekend hits.

This is of course, similar to what’s going on with the Spring season Results Phase. That just has a longer time frame as a bonus.

The Spring stage 2 bonus above, is a few more coaching sessions for the month.
#1 This is all happening… Because it’s Spring.#2 And because it’s what the current members have started on. Which means that I MUST offer you the same thing.

And remember to send your answers to > these questions… To either my own > FB messenger. Or the

@fitbuzz page Messenger.


This is all program focused stuff. Which never gets talked about in social media channels, outside of the Messenger chats.

Over there… We’re having fun @ the rest of the S-curve experience.

So go there to feel the vibe.


#1 Message first, reply second
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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