The who vs the what (Who the fudge are you?)

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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week. New things are always on the horizon. So let’s dig into it @ life.

Continuing on with the theme of due diligence…

Because that’s the vibe today. It doesn’t matter that a program or service is super duper.

People need to know who the fudge you are. Fortunately, we’ve been wearing our heart on our sleeves for years. And our back stories are continually documented.

– > Story 1
– > Story 2

So it’s easy to see who the fudge we are.

But the fact remains. No one is dealing with a person or biz, that they know nothing about.

Like today. I’ll meet brand new people. No business cards will go out. Instead, we swap Instagram’s on the spot.

And More buzz does a very good job of answering a lot of the natural questions people have in their head. And some point after that. They’ll add me on FB.

People are more cautious of who they add on FB now too. Since they have their cherished people on there.

So it’s Instagram or Snapchat. Since it’s very easy to cut people loose, if they turn out to be trash.

So ya… The dynamics of dealing with one another in the digital world is changing. And like I said last week and weeks before that. I saw this coming back in 2005.

> This once again…

Yup… You’ll see a ton of social content from us, that’ll motivate and entertain you. Which falls under the category of a ‘false reality’.

But it’s not all false. And some of it is an attainable reality.

Like TC2.0

You might not be able to live on a beach or hiking spot 24/7 (It’s either your job, or you’ve built a business over several years that gives you that freedom).

But you can take 2-3 day trips every few weeks. To destinations that look like that.

The bodies

We already know that, that’s our speciality… And proven that it can be achieved countless times over.

The real life though…

That’s what we highlight here on the newsletter…

– You’ll see when we get busy. And when we can’t live it up like that.

– You’ll hear > podcast stories of what things are really like for members.

That… Is due diligence being thrown in your face. And I’ll personally upload…

– > Cheat snack weekend pics

– Movies I’m watching

– My hangout/’come up for air’ moments


We’ll continuously make the ‘what we are’… Awesome.

But now, more than ever before. We’ll keep on showing you who we are (Who I am). Because only then… Will you fudge around with us (Me).


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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