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A couple of months back, around the time that I started, I got caught up watching the popular TV show ‘Biggest loser’ and it was quite amazing watching these individuals smash targets, taking themselves to new heights. To a fitness level that they could not even have imagined before.

As I was going through plateau busters last week, i thought to myself, wouldn’t it more ‘fun’ to overcome those weightlifting plateaus in a similar fashion, with a reality TV show type of game (via the Internet). We could set some ideas and criteria… just like on Biggest losers, with the incentive being a cash prize or award. But the biggest prize of all would be obtaining a great looking body, with a newly proven workout that you can alternate in months or years to come.

The idea and theme behind all of this is the fact that we generally perform better when under pressure, or when we have a set a goal and time limit to complete it. And as we all know, you are more likely to succeed at something once you have set a goal…right?

All a way of rapid testing what will and will not work for your body, but in an organized fashion.

Possible criteria

Time period: 3 months

Exercises: Body weight, Pre-exhaust, weightlifting

Goals: Increase – Strength, Endurance, Muscle mass

To keep thing fair and simple, we could have a separate contest for all 3

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Muscle mass

The key difference with all of this is that we do it via the web with your recorded videos uploaded to the youtube channel  ( That way we all get to follow and comment on everyone’s videos. And also with a gym partner.

  • Co-worker
  • Relative
  • Friend
  • Who ever

We all know that you are more likely to be engaged in working out with a partner by your side… right?

Something to prepare you for summer 2010 in a fun and engaging fashion? Or should Shaun just stick to providing more innovative ways to build muscle?

Let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions?

See you in the comments.

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