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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a start of a brand new week. And sometimes… The real Monday, actually starts on Tuesday.

In S-curve world… That’s what it will be like this week. Since a lot of people who are involved here… Are recouping from last weeks shenanigans.

The daily newsletter… Of course, reports the events from the day before.

Yesterday was no less eventful than any other day. But what was discussed yesterday, has already been covered in last weeks convos.

So today. We’ll just reminder blueprint tip to kick start the week.

First though…

Trending in S-curve world today 

> Kayaking in El Nido – I haven’t been back for a while. But at the time… It became my no.1 tropical place to visit. It has since gained in popularity. Which means it qualifies less as TC2.0. As it’s all about the quieter, less popular destinations.

> Bodyweight circuit shenanigans

> The One Plus 6 – Not sure why. But it’s been taking over the selfie/belfie snaps recently @ associates/new members.

Blueprint tips

Just remember… These are just a few, from a very long list. All of which you will encounter… At some point as an S-curve member.
You’ll always get given the blueprint tips that are most relevant to YOU.. As an active member.

#1 Decrease the weight on the ‘effective exercises’ that you have the worst form with.

And… Focus on improving that form. Seriously… Too many people put their ego first in this area. And it eventually screws them up @ long term results.

You FitBuzzer… Focus on ya form.

It’ll set you up perfectly for our 6 month strength progression module over on stage 3.

#2 Becoming S-curvish… It’s a crazy, scary, yet delightful process. Because a lot of things change, in regards to your mind and body, at a pretty quick pace. I’m talking several times a day at times too.
So don’t worry about what you do and don’t like in your first 1-3 months. Because everything that is happening, will take you to your long term results.
#3 A-C rated? Totally natural or slightly processed – It needs to be, so that you have a larger pool of nutrients to munch on @ food/meal variety.
#4– Protein is higher than other similar food variations?
– Carbs are higher than other similar food variations?
– Saturated fat (Or fat overall) is zero?
– Fat is high in mono/poly, yet zero in saturated?
– Certain vitamins and minerals are present in high numbers?
– Fiber is higher than usual? (Like purple/black rice)

If any of the above are true… Then you buy and try. There’ll be a place for it to go within the S-curve meal structure.

But don’t keep on munching on the food if you don’t like the taste.

For example

Muesli is a great cereal to try with new S-curve members who previously didn’t vary their meals.But it isn’t the most fun to eat. Granola would be the better option.

#5 Increase your total daily intake
The S-curve workouts will make that easier to ‘stomach’ @ pun intended. But stick to the S-curve meal structure without fail… For the perfect 90-100% S-curvish look.
This can happen at chosen stages (Shredding or becoming S-curvish). Goal = Build ‘soft lean’ muscle.
There’s 4 types of meal structure that we usually give to S-curve members. Which of course, is further tailored and then changes based on your ongoing results (Again… 6-18 months/1-5 year goals). All current members know this all too well now. And you need to be ‘in the know’ too.
And best of all… That long term mindset will help you succeed in other areas of your life too…
– ‘Stuff’ in regards to raising kids. Like teaching them that mindset too. Which is a big + in this new short attention span/instant gratification world. Which means they’ll become a rare breed amongst their peers as they become adults.
Anyway way…


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