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It’s time to unveil another secret again folks. It is….

… You know what, I can’t be bothered with all of this ‘secret’ shit any more!

You need to take Glutamine as a ‘supplement’. Now get gut stacking!

See you in tomorrows post.


Ok, I can be harsh at times, but that’s to much brutal treatment for you lovely stayfitbuggers. I’ll explain.

I’ve recently introduced ways that you can preapare for shock bodybuilding workouts. For those of you that haven’t been following, this is also known as creative high intensity training (Like HIIT, but the way). However, one thing I didn’t mention to you (which I seem to speak about daily), is the impact that these type of workouts will have on your immune system.

When you put your body through stressful activity, your immune system will take a hit, which exposes you to a higher risk of catching a disease or infection (No risk, no reward right?) And if that does happen, then you will be taken back to that horrible place called injury. And you know you can’t workout then.

But we can prevent that happening by adding Glutamine to your diet. Supplementing with glutamine, right after your workout will enhance your immunes systems ability to handle stress when you workout. It also acts as a great hormone level booster. The growth hormone is very important in this case, as it is responsible for helping your body to increase muscle mass.

Glutamine is also great for replenishing those carbs that you would have lost during your workout.

Remember that lovely post workout recipe that I described here?

Well, that is the type of shake you will need to take 30 minutes after you finish your workout. I haven’t always taken this supplement after my workouts though. I just used to go home and EAT. However, my meals were never specific. This could be the reason why I often felt like crap at the beginning of every other gym session… because I failed to replenish my glycogen stores.

I remember it perfectly in fact. I would walk into the gym, lift some weights for approx 20 minutes, then all of a sudden I would run out of steam. I just couldn’t get it. This didn’t just disable my ability to perform my workout. It also PISSED me right off. I fully prepared for my workout, knowing that I’m about to rip some muscle, and in an instant my body decides to die on me?

This may or may not have happened to you yet. It may even be happening, but you just fail to notice it. Nevertheless, this is the reason why you need to add Glutamine to your post workout meal if you decide to start performing shock body exercises. Don’t know what Glutamine looks like? Take a look to your right >>>>

… It’s that purple coloured tub.

If you aren’t into the whole supplement shake mix, you can easily just take Glutamine on it’s own. If so, just be sure to take it right after you workout.

I’ll leave you with a nice cliche quote once again.

‘Fail to plan, then plan to fail’

See you in the comments.

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