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The ultimate guide to nutrition. First… Make sure you sign up to the > FB Messenger newsletter.

Onwards… Before we became an ‘experience’. Back when we were purely a ‘body image’ focused program.

You could indeed just read this newsletter. Take action on all the free info. And succeed.

But most people that need help, aren’t self sufficient like that (121 coaching chats are almost always needed).

You need to believe in something.

You ended up on the newsletter. Because they’re looking for that in their lives.


Enter: Useful

But because we are a fully fledged experience now. And because there’s more than ‘body image’ help going on. You must keep reading on. Wether you succeeded with the free info, or if you became an S-curve member at some level. And if you can’t. Then go > premium @ newsletter.

Everything you see that’s posted here. Will help you with something within S-curve world.


About ‘nutrition’

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the backbone of S-curve nutrition. But I must re-visit it.

Because chances are… You’ve seen a lot of things regarding nutrition, throughout your life. And there are a lot of ways to approach it.

Nothing out there in the world, is bad per se.

But whatever approach that you take. Must be the best approach that fits YOUR needs!

In S-curve world…

– We eat… How you need to eat, in order to build your body > like this. Or some variation of it.

– We eat… Based on what your daily lifestyle looks like.

We’ve seen a lot of lifestyles here. And over time. All of those combined… Has evolved into the S-curve experience.

Which is how we came out with features such as…

– Nutrition focus ONLY weekends

– Cheat snacking

– End of day meal reporting via 121 chats

– Dinner foods for breakfast And a lot more…

That we discuss in detail, throughout the 121 coaching chats.

We also eat, based on what typically happens throughout the 4 seasons of the year.

Most people don’t stray away from those shenanigans.

And we also eat… Based on how you’ll feel at certain times of the day, week, month or year. It’s all LIVE and in the moment.

Nothing is static.

That’s what the LIVE update member page is all about.

We also eat… Based on what’s going in with your workouts, at any given time. Different emotions you go through, will affect how this looks.

Which is why 90% of people screw up nutrition.

I myself am a shining example of what the end goal of this looks like.

Which is why I remain the main person who controls 121 coaching. And because of my close relationship with most of you.

And because it’s what I’d be doing anyway. Because for years… I myself, was screwing it up. Through all the trials and errors of life (Not lack of knowledge).

But if you look at all of my FB pictures in the past 4 years. Compared to those prior. You can just see the difference.


To conclude

I’ll probably continue to refer everyone to today’s newsletter over time. Because THIS IS what S-curve nutrition shenanigans are all about.

And more importantly… What has caused all of the results you’ve been seeing.

The future of the main program, is nutrition, mindset and mental game fixing.

To infinity and beyond (Cheesy Buzz light year ish @ my FB stories).


What’s trending?

– S-curve members, newsletter readers who are getting ready to > boost their business activity. Via their own business, the S-curve partner program or Buzzcoin shenanigans.

– TC2.0 in > Turkey.

– OOTD-curvish > prep moments.

> PS4… Because of all the S-curvish gamer girl posts.

> Keep a cup size @ becoming S-curvish without being specific, will shrink them.


Stay tuned in for tomorrow’s newsletter. It’s a sequel to today’s newsletter.

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