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Buzzers… Weekend > day #1

Earlier in the week I said that you was lying whenever you ‘say’ you are busy. You probably first read that… Wanting to punch me in the virtual gut :P. Because you ARE busy.But I of course followed that up, by saying that we spend a lot of time @ managing your emotions and day to day shenanigans. And its true…100%.

Because in day to day life… You truly are busy.

Busy with ‘work life’.

And I know 100%, that it’s super hard to make this lifestyle happen without outside help.

In all areas…

– With hands on 121 coaching
– With the physical stuff (Workouts @ ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’)
– With what to eat (Almost everyone is screwing up here… And will continue to do so, without help)

I ‘see’ (In person) AND speak with people like YOU… Daily.

And I’m one of ‘those people’ (I AM you) too @ everything on > More buzz takes work.

It just happens…. That I’ve helped create the formula (With your help) that solves the above problem. So I too… Can personally feel the benefits of the S-curve formula (Especially since I still test some of the stuff on myself). Which is why you’re constantly being pushed into the formula, with this daily newsletter.


After all of the many convos with folks… The key word = ‘Balance’

It is slightly easier to achieve in today’s world. With today’s tech opportunities. But what WE do here… Isn’t about teaching you that. It’s about turning your current daily routine, into an S-curve lifestyle.


– When working in the city… You follow the S-curve meal structure (End of day meal reports).

– When in the city… You find > ‘come up for air’ moments.

– The roof top bar/cafe is a common area of interest amongst members/Fitbuzzers in the chats.

– At the weekend… The true ‘balancer’ = Travel-curvish 2.0. This can be any 2-3 day break that you have. Not just a weekend. Since a lot of us work on the weekends.

All of the above… Is the reason why we have now evolved into an ‘S-curve experience’. It’s been heading that way, ever since August 2016, when he had that ‘big rush’.

It’s that 65% ‘life’ stuff and 35% nutrition/workout stuff.

I said at the start of the year, that things are heading that way. And just like I predicted that stage 4 (Via More buzz) for older members would be needed.

This S-curve experience is now here too.

And the face to face chats I have with folks, confirms that this is the right current day approach.

That is… Managing the elements of your daily life shenanigans. Which just happens to include premium level nutrition and workout help.



It’s been a while since we just cooled off (We used to call this ‘the cooler’) and just talked things out.

But it’s needed.

And I indeed came up for air, prior to creating today’s newsletter, in order to get into the right mind space to talk about it.

Now reply and tell me what your current daily life looks like (Not you S-curve members. Ha. @ You know who you are and what WE do together).



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