The truth is… I’m still fat (Japanese)

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Buzzers… Monday…
There’s one final day of my geekfest left. After that… It’s all about the world cup :). What can I say… My entire ‘life’ shenanigans are on display for the world to see.

The truth is… I’m still fat?

That right there… Is the reason why most people who are failing… ARE failing.Their B.S level of pride is in the way. So they won’t accept outside help.

It’s not about not having the cash to start. We know that for sure. Because all the folks who live in ‘this’ world on here… Have at least the funds to ‘start’.

We’re talking a $1000 – $3000 month product/service (‘Experience’)… That’s been reduced in prices, due to the

advancements in internet an tech.

So most of the time (At least with the trust and brand levels we’ve built up so far). It’s about getting folks to start

accepting the help.

To a point, where they start feeling comfortable and happy (Guard is no longer up… And completely ‘down’).

A lot of this issue comes about… Due to becoming and older adult, that is no longer a college student any more. So it’s folks would reach age 28 or so. And think they know it all (The younger folks usually act quicker on  arrival).

And/Or… They might feel ashamed that they need the help. As they feel they should have had it all figured out @ life… By this age.

So if you’ve been sitting on a physical or mental issue, for far too long. Knowing that whatever you’re doing on your own, isn’t fixing the issue. Understand… That we are naked here, on the other end of the 121 chats.


– I myself have told my entire story on here. For the past 9 years. And for the past 5 years before that. The ups, downs and everything, is there for everyone to see @ > Look.

– The stories of members, is there to see now too. Since creating S-curve member stories in 2017 @ > Look.

So there is no one to judge you, once you start to ‘open up’.OK.

Heart felt part of Monday… Over.

Let’s get into a heart felt blueprint tip

One of the most important aspects of the S-curve formula… Is finding the right people to have in your ‘corner’.

#1 Me… As your physical and mental fix (Current day 121 coaching chats person).#2 A loving partner – They usually approve of our 121 chats first… And usually encourage you to stay on, when they can see it working for you. And when for no good reason at all… You want to fall off the wagon. Which I told you about the other day.

A tip from the Japanese: Stay faithful to your causes. It’s a cultural thing, to start things ‘long term’ in Japan. And to never quit. It’s kinda taboo to quit on sh*t that you start… If you’re happy with it.

That’s probably why they have one of the most successful and respectful cultures out there.

#3 A dog (Yup… But that’s old news. Since dogs tend to be very honest mammals. Unlike some humans).

You’ll find out who some of these people are, to have in your ‘corner’, simply by starting a quest to become S-curvish.

In short… Those who vote against you from doing it… Are not in your corner. Shift them far to the left.

Or completely off the cliff even…

All of this stuff falls into that 60% non-workout/nutrition part of the S-curve formula.

This is the area that requires the most attention. Because it has the most variables. Unlike S-curve workouts and nutrition. Which mostly requires you to just turn up and ‘do’.

You’ll find that everything in your life dramatically improves, once you have the right people in your corner.

You’ll know… Because every day will feel positive, without even having to try to be positive.

This process will be different for everyone. In fact… It’s different, almost every single time a new member starts. Which is why we began tailoring in the first place.

And one of the easiest ways to start finding out. Is by > becoming a member first.

Because something magical happens in peoples brains, once they become members. Just look at the people in the stories (above).

Not the words. Just the pics. Because they really do speak 1000 words.

That stuff below.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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