The Super Secret 6 Pac Exercise

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Well, it’s not really a secret exercise. But I can almost guarantee that it will put you on the express train towards 8 Pac city.

Introducing the Decline Sit Up

In the last few years I have found this to be the only abs exercise that I would do in the gym, quite simply because it is that good. I have even found it to be even more effective than using an exercise ball and those covered In lower abs exercises. However, I wouldn’t sacrifice those techniques just for this exercise. All you do here is alternate the exercises week by week and track the results that you start to see from each.

The reason why this exercise is so good is because it rips the whole of your stomach, but namely your lower abs. But be warned! When you do perform this exercise you will feel the pain, especially in the first few weeks. Yes you will build a radiator looking stomach. Just know that it will feel like you have swallowed one before you even get to that stage.

This is how you do them

1) Find a weights bench
2) Make sure it has a padded bar for you lower legs
3) Lower the bench
4) Sit on the bench with your arms crossed over your chest (Or behind your neck)
5) Keep your feet firmly locked under the padded bar
6) Lower your body back until your hips are almost extended
7) Raise your body by flexing your hips until your torso is upright
8) Repeat

Note: Do not make the mistake of lowering your body ALL the way back. It will eventually feel like you are bending your back in half. Besides, it is dangerous and could cause an injury.

Some people may say that this exercise isn’t good for you because it makes blood rush to your head, which may cause haemorrhages in your brain later on in life. I say take the risk and reap the rewards… which will inevitably come if you manage keep, this exercise active in your weightlifting routines.

That is the core of this exercise. But we are not finished yet. In true fashion, I will show you some techniques that will really test your abilities and best of all, give you an even more defined 6 Pac!

Lower The Bench

We all know about those dreaded weightlifting plateaus and you are likely to face one at some point during this exercise. To add to that, building a 6 Pac is not always easy and obtaining that optimum level of definition that you want can seem like a never ending battle.

The first way to get around this will be to lower the bench even further. Doing this will increase resistance and make the exercise that little bit harder to perform.

Use A Weighted Plate

To increase resistance even further stick a weighted plate on your chest.

Still finding things a little to easy?

Simple. Use a heavier weight plate.

Grab a Barbell

This alone will help you overcome any plateau, or if you are an advanced bodybuilder. This is simply doing sit ups with a barbell held at your chest. it is a much better and more practical way to have progressive overload with added weight than using a weight plate.

Play Chicken Like A Kid On The Beach

For those who do not know what that is, you simply find a friend, sit on his shoulders and run around. If you did acquire that skill as a kid you will be happy to know that you can use it again in adulthood (But for a good cause this time).

You will do exactly the same as above, but as you are on your friend’s shoulders, you will,

1. Lean all the way back
2. Let them grip your ankles tight (They are now your stabilizer)
3. And then start doing sit ups

This can be quite challenging yes. But this is the most effective way I know to get MAXIMUM results for all the areas of your abs to really show. You will want to choose a stronger and heavier person to do this exercise with, for the safety of both of you. This tends to be a guy, which is fine, however, you may find that your butts may clash together on every rep that you do. If you’ve got a problem with that, then you better start feeding your wife with Pop Eyes favourite food. If not, then don’t wait up. Grab a strong friend and get to work.

Have you tried any of the above methods?
If so, what were your experiences?
Did reveal a secret for YOU?

See you in the comments.

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