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It’s been a while since we’ve had a end of the week RECAPO/RECOUPO.
In recent times. There’s been no need to have one every week. Only when we feel it’s needed, based on whatever is going on with all of us.
And so… Let’s get right into it… Shall we…

Becoming an S-curve member partner

#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @thaisbianca
#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @thaisbianca
Explained via these two pages…
Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements) 
Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
When you read through them. You’ll see that there’s 2 parts to the partner program.
The current area of interest… Has been the 2nd part of the program.
It’s when we expose your business/profiles, to all of our channels. For free.
Free… Because…
1. You Became S-curvish because of your time as an active S-curve member
2. You’ve built a natural relationship with us. Usual through > chat.
If you’re new to our world. And none of the above apply. Yet… You have something to offer the world.
Then send us a DM. And we’ll arrange a special post for you on this site.
One page that will help you out (As a person with ‘business’ interests). Is the > recommended products page. Which has been updated recently.
Products of interest for YOU?
> Mobilemonkey
> Post affiliate Pro
> Dreamhost 
WE use all 3. And is very likely why you have ended up reading this post today.

The 121 coaching shenanigans have begun… 

Almost everyone here wants to fix some part of their life. So whatever that is… We we’ll work on that.
We’ve been at this game > for a while now. As highlighted > in this post. But also check out how we’ve > helped people over the years.
There’s more men present, in our world today. So ‘guys’… These 121 coaching chats/sessions…Are for you too.
That was the big focus this week. 
To kick start fall season. And if you saw those posts and are ready to get in the game. Then it’s the Paypal button below and GO!

The hottest supplement hottest?

Feeding the monster with supplements for 1 year @fefurlan
Feeding the monster with supplements for 1 year @fefurlan
If you haven’t read > this post. Then do so. As it’ll answer a lot of your questions in regards to food and supplements.
If you have already done that. Then you’ll see that we focus on 4-5 types of supplements that will help you throughout your journey here.
Yet… Each type has 2 brands representing each one.
Well. It’s a bit like bottled water.
It’s water. And for the most part, there won’t be any major differences between two brands.
But there will be some…
– The messaging
– The product experience
– Possibly the texture
– Maybe some difference in ingredients
– The reputation
Over time… We naturally ended up with these different options.
Like… In 2016. It was all about > Instant Knockout. Which is sill great. But in 2018. We created a great relationship with the folks at > LeanBean.
And since then… It’s only gotten better.
Ingredient wise, it’s similar to Instant Knockout. Yet… It does have differences. All of which, come under that list above.
That’s the scenario that we have with all the supplement types that are present in S-curve world.
Anyway… The hottest in recent times?

The > Hunter supplements

With a lot of buying and trying going on. Which is what ‘should’ be happening.

To conclude

We are of course preparing for fall season. So every newsletter/post that goes out, will focus on the following 3 months.
But right now… Dig into the above. If you haven’t done so already.

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