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Buzzers… Another day of summer entertainment….

Yup… It’s everywhere. In music, movies, sports.

This is why we have a Lifestyle Phase in place. Because even I’m not going ‘hard at it’, during these summer festivities (I never do at my stage actually… Since I’m currently 90-100% S-curvish).

Which leads me to today’s topic…



The S-curve formula. Because we’ve been creating it together, as a community, since 2011.

As of 2015. We can 100% guarantee results (It started off as a 60% guarantee, as we built out the formula). And in the set timeline that’s given to you, based on the answers to > these questions.

And as we’ve progressed past those years. We’ve started to ensure that everything else in your life (Other than your body) gets a fix too.

There are loads of great solutions out there in the world. For many different things. Some things become wildly adopted. Some don’t.

But the only goal that we have here. Is making you feel comfortable, doing the S-curve formulashenanigans. Because chances are… You have a chip on your shoulder, from past experiences.

Maybe you previously failed, because of ‘you’. Maybe you failed, because of the product/service you tried.

Either way… The only real job we have behind the scenes, in terms of becoming S-curvish, is to make you feel comfortable. And/or… To help you think like a kid again. To put that adult pride away and start accepting ‘help’.

Because once you do… You’ll start to kick yourself, for thinking you ‘know it all’. If… You are one of those ‘high pride’ individuals.

Becoming S-curvish > S-curve experience 

That has of course, been a natural progression. Just read the back story on More buzz to see what I mean.

But in general… The overall outlook (Short or long term). Is to end up solving the problems that exist in your life.

We won’t always know what that is today (Like… I didn’t know ‘women’ would become the core focus on here, back in 2010. But here we are). But… I do give you all of my future predictions ahead of time.


Remember when I added the ‘You can optional’ page to More buzz, 6 months ago?

Well… There are now blockchain focused TV adverts, all over the World Cup..

So it’s highly likely, that some part of ‘You can optional’ will become true.

Anyway… Let’s > RECAPO


– Maybe you need to start saying ‘yes’ to outside help? (What I talked about above)
– Blueprint tips.


– Pay as you go vs auto-payments.
– Blueprint tips.


– Women rule the world?
– Are you thinking about your kids (Or siblings) future?


– Tis the S-curve experience @ why.
– Amazon shenanigans.
– Blueprint tips.


– One reason to watch the World Cup… Even if you’re not into ‘that’.
– The current state of some ‘things’ in S-curve world.


– The mandatory way to use Facebook as a FitBuzzer/S-curve member.
– Some stuff about S-curve blueprint tips.
Tomorrow… Or that stuff below.


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