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That’s right folks, Christmas is here!

And it definitely feels that way here in London, heavy snowfall and all. In fact, if you do have snow in your region as of this post, then read this post…

8 Tips For An Effective Winter Weightlifting Workout


Build Muscle With White Powder

That will cause some plateau busting muscle gains. I’m sure of it 🙂

Any how, if you have been following the recent emails, you will know that I gave away a few bonuses over the past several weeks. If you missed out on what those were, then you can back track and view those emails here in the email archive.

===> The email archive

However, today will be the final bonus of the year, and I’ll be leaving it up until the 31st of December.

That is…

But for you newer readers to the site, let me tell you the story behind the creation of both of those ebooks.

#1 The Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook (Now version 3.0)

Now, if you have read the about us page, you would know that I started Stay-Fit Bug in July of 2009. A time which I can now mark as my resurgence into the bodybuilding and fitness world after an unexpected 2 year hiatus.

Several posts in and 2 months of posting, I started to notice a trend and some strong attention to certain topics. The first was the need to want to build a 6 pac. The 2nd was bodyweight exercises. Which actually inspired me to write two ebooks, both of which you will now be familiar with.

Build a 6 pac: From flab to flat


The Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook

The first I gave away for FREE and the 2nd I put a price on.

Why ‘Unique’ exercises?

Well, first of all, bodyweight exercises are the undisputed king of realizing your ‘true’ strength. And secondly, Stay-Fit Bug is all about teaching you how to take your gains to the next level. And the best way to do that is to train insane, switch things up and make your muscles scream at a pitch that they did not think possible. Therefore, the introduction to exercises that will help you do just that.

Fast forward to version 3.0 (released September 2010) and the ebook has indeed been upgraded (At no cost to existing ebook owners). And fast forwarding to Q1 2011 will see an even bigger update in version 4.0. That will indeed be existing. Sheesh, I’m even getting excited about creating it (Let’s just say,lights, camera, action! Stepping out of my comfort zone – Something you should all be doing on a regular basis).

Nevertheless, the current version of this ebook (And it’s own current bonuses) is now 1 of 2 Christmas bonuses. Oh, and did I mention that version 4.0 will be completely FREE to those who snatch this up now! 🙂

Q1 2011 might seem like a long time away, but I must inform you that those who end up on the Unique Bodyweight exercise mailing list receive ‘different’ ‘FREE’ bonuses to those on the regular mailing list. So you won’t have to worry about being left dry for the next few months.

Either way, that’s the story of how the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook came to existence.

#2 The Guide To Necessary Supplementation

As of May 2010, I decided to get active with my personal Facebook account (Add me here if you haven’t done so already) and invite everyone to my profile. Shortly after, my profile became a page for everything Stay-Fit Bugg/Fitness/ Bodybuilding/Network related.

Does that bother me?


Because I’m an open book, I don’t have much to hide. Go on… dive into my past photos already. 🙂

Any how, it wasn’t long until I started to get bombarded with fitness related questions, and one of the questions I got asked daily is…

‘Shaun, which supplements should I take’???

Now, I’m not one to force bodybuilding supplements down someones throat just to earn a quick buck. That’s just not my style.

So I decided to write the guide to necessary supplementation, which is just a No B.S guide to what you should be supplementing your body with. That is, natural foods AND bodybuilding supplements. That’s all there is too it. Nothing more, nothing less!

Now, that’s the story telling out of the way.

However, I think you need to have a little taste of what these ebooks have to offer. Something extra than just me babbling along here on this post. Actions do indeed speak louder than words, so here is…

#1 (a) The Unique Bodyweight Exercise FREE report

Download it here ===> FREE REPORT

(b) The Unique bodyweight Exercise video

#2 (a) The Guide To Necessary Supplementation video (Hosted by yours truly)

(b) Some inside ebook snapshots

Picture Preview #2

Picture preview #3

Picture preview #4

Picture preview #5

Remember, this bonus page will stay live and active until 31st of December, so you should at least be able to stay fit at home for the several days of festive Christmas activity. But I’d say grab it now, because you’ll probably forget by then, as you’ll be completely zoned out in Xmas and New years eve-ism.

And remember, binge, but don’t OVERRRR binge. That… is something you will regret come January (At you Abdominal builders).

Train insane, train safe and Merry Christmas.

To all our Bodybuilding successes in 2011

See you in the comments.

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