The state of your butt

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Buzzers… Friday…

So… The World Cup ‘fever’ officially picked up yesterday.

You’ll probably get sucked into it somewhat. Due to it’s global nature. Even if you’re not into the sport. Because it is ‘entertainment’ after all. Which attracts those who are from the entertainment world.

But one reason why I like to get involved with these large events. Is because you get to see what ‘excellence’ looks like.

And the preparation of displaying the ‘best of’.

Because the mindset that you need in that situation. Is the same mindset you need, when it comes to becoming S-curvish.

– The 4-6 week Results Phase
– The long term goal
– The new approach to living

All of it.

It’s a motivator to watch. Just like how the Olympics was a motivator for a lot of women. Because with that heightened skill set @ some of the lady athletes. Came a 90-100% S-curvish body. Which is all real @ body parts.

Which leads me into today’s newsletter topic…

The state of your butt

Aka… The state of some of the things inside S-curve world… And how we’re still approaching some of those things.

We’re still focused on ‘higher end’ 


We might be embracing > pay as you go a lot more now. But even within that. You are still encouraged to take a ‘high end’ approach.

Because doing so… Is how every single member has won @ improved physical and mental results.

So unless you’re an established stage 4 member. Who is returning for a fix. You’ll most likely start at $150-$300 in your first 6 weeks. So that you can experience the best of the S-curve formula.

Because doing so… Sets you up for long term winning. Since you start off by setting the bar high. Which means you’ll always want to strive for that. Even when you’re not supposed to.

It’s the same thing with the approach to supplements too. We either stick with ‘protocol’. Like > whey or casein. Or specific and ingredient/new formula focused. Like > Instant Knockout.

And whenever possible… Organic foods > when shopping.

Still focused on ‘real’ body parts… Although fake boobs are ‘kinda’ acceptable.


You won’t see any fake butts in S-curve world. Because there’s no need for it. The S-curve formula takes you there naturally.

It’s pretty easy to achieve (Unless you’re severely overweight). It’s just that some folks out there don’t know what to do. Or just don’t want to put in any work at all. Even when the hard work is done for you!

However… You might see fake boobs though. It’s not encouraged. But understandable. Because becoming S-curvish, may just shrink your boobs. Or remain a pretty ‘normal size’. > Like Casi.

Which is why we created a workout module within the tweak weeks workout routines, to help prevent boob shrinkage.Either way… It’s all about the ‘real’.


Those are the only two things to highlight really. Everything else, you already know about. From the daily newsletters.

But as usual… Message to reply and talk. Because what we talk about, ends up in the newsletter the following day. Which ends up helping everyone else in S-curve world.


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