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So… It was a full on work weekend for me. Dealing with all things S-curve experience.

There’s a lot more ‘male’ followers now too. They seem to be motivated by S-curvish women. Hehe. Which isn’t such a bad thing, really. Because they’re now ready to make changes on themselves.

But in terms of starting as a member. The trend in the past year… Is to first have a lot of 121 communication.

And to then… Do the Paypal thing… Via an individual payment link that’s been created for you only.

With that being the case. Just use the current program pages that you see… As a guideline on what your program will look like, after some time of being on it.

So if you really want help. It’s all about FB Messenger. Either via my own profile, or the FB page.

Both are active.

Just remember… The S-curve formula is just that…

A formula… That’s been created by combining proven science and tons of experience with past


You simply jump in… And let us take over.

The pace at which we work, depends on your answers to > these questions.

The cost will depend on that too.

But in general… The price only goes up, due to more 121 coaching chat activity. As it’s proven to improve the speed and quality of your overall results.

But one thing I will personally strive for, with you… Is to achieve super noticeable results within the first 21 days.

It’s been achieved many times before. But we want to keep on proving it (And ideal for the summer period).

Oh… And if you want to know what’s it’s like as a member. Take a look at the > hall of fame links. But the text chat screen shots. And NOT… The results pictures.

And look at the ‘intent’ behind every word that S-curve members say in the chats.

It’s Monday… So I know that you’re not fully functional yet. So I’ll let you wake up. And to then message once you’ve snapped out of zombie mode.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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