The state of the S-curve! (May 2019)

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Every year… We make predictions on how things will evolve here in S-curve world.

July 2019… Will be the 10th anniversary of this website. And boy… Things have indeed changed A LOT during that time!
Even more so. In the world of technology. Where things change even quicker than everyday offline life.
Which inspired this tip from a recent May 15th Facebook story update.
It’s a Thursday. And everyone gets #TBT vibes on a Thursday.
So let’s dig into some of the changes that have happened during that time.
2009 – We started this website… With a focus on helping men bulk up 
2010 – The site grows to a substantial level.
This is also the year when the women took over. Due to a popular Facebook page we created.
2011 – We used all creations that blossomed, via that Facebook page. To create the S-curve. And a program that helped achieve that goal.
2012 – We started our 1st Instagram account. Which blew up to a certain level. Which helped boost the popularity of our ‘then’ Operation S-curve program.
2012- 2015
The S-curve program continued to evolve. And eventually became a monthly subscription program. Which helped boost the results @ the people who joined.
You’ll find out why that is. When you talk to us via the 121 FB Messenger chats.
2015 – 2018
The program became more about fixing mental results and daily lifestyle shenanigans. More than physical results.
You’ll also learn why THAT is… When you chat with us 121.
This was also the year when Travel-curvish kicked into gear.
Which is now the most popular part of the S-curve Xperience.
We recently created an entire post… Explaining what Travel-curvish is all about.
All of the introductions that you can see above, over the years. Means that we are now a platform for ‘life’ improvement. Which is why you see stuff like fast food restaurant topics like this, in OUR world…
@ read this post to see why.
Becoming S-curvish is the 1st step. As you can see. And we have a program/product for that. Should you need help there.
And the goal. Is to make all 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience. More awesomer than the norm.
But in regards to Becoming S-curvish. That’s now just one element of our now S-curve platform:
Today… You are…

Subscribing to an awesomer life. Via…

The food and supplements page (5-7 years of tweaking and testing)
– Our latest items page
– Our S-curve program… Which has evolved into mindset, therapy, daily life fixing… And not just physical body parts (Aka a reason for becoming an S-curvish Xperience).
– The partner program. Where we get your folks involved. Inspired by your results. You getting commissions, from introducing them. As you and/or us… Take TC2.0 trips with that commission cash.
Which creates a super strong bond  with everyone involved. And a more awesomer life.
– Becoming S-curvish and being featured on our social media accounts, newsletter and overall platform. Where you can even display your own stuff to the world.

To conclude 

The S-curve platform is official.
I post the LIVE, in-person stuff that I get up to… Here…
As I have been living it, for the past 5 years (@ eye up the previous albums).
So get involved. Keep watching. And enjoy it all @ Tis the great (Improved) life!
'Come up for air' S-curve #workout moments with your #dog @miss__heather_jo

‘Come up for air’ S-curve #workout moments with your #dog @miss__heather_jo

#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @megkylie

#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @megkylie


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