The state of the industry (Inside S-curve world)

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The state of the industry… So… You REALLY need to be getting onto > FB Messenger (Or other Instant Messenger platforms on ‘here’).

Because in S-curve world (Not ‘all’ worlds). These one way communication emails are getting a bit outdated.

Especially with the way that folks are starting to use technology today.

Facebook is currently no.1 @ where to message (Link above).

Either on my profile (End of newsletter). Or where ‘mass people’ are… @ > The FB page.

It’s also a lot more fun. In regards to how we do things within this S-curve experience. And the newsletter on there, is a lot more interactive and ‘contemporary’.

The state of the industry


2 way communication all the way.


Buzzcoin/Partner program/S-curve member 

Some people are starting on tailored Paypal payment links. When it happens. I’ll just send you something > like this (With YOUR name on it… And time period).

But most of the very new people who are starting. Who also want help with mindset/mental game/lifestyle fixing stuff. Who also are business minded or want to have trusted ways to earn $$ @ being involved in S-curve world.

Are starting on a free member page. Free… Simply by signing up on > Binance (See sidebar on the right)

The short term goal of being on that website. Is so that you can earn an income, over time (It really is the beginning stages).

And some of our S-curve world shenanigans will start utilising the future tech that will evolve on there.

So getting used to things early on. Is in your favor.

I’ve been getting the ‘1-5 new people that I meet daily’… On as members, in this way as well.

This sh*t is global. And the people who are messaging, really do need the help.

Of course… All of this ties in with the partner program.

Because you really have to have been a member yourself (1-3 months). For you to be an effective partner.

In fact… You might not even become a partner. You might just need body image/mindset/mental game and lifestyle fixing results.

However… Becoming a member via what I described above… Will open the door, of that becoming a future possible option for you.

Because people who need a fix. Just need to ‘start’.

Starting… Solves half of ones problems.

Becoming a partner is organic. 

Because you would’ve had first hand experience.
It’s why it’s so easy for ME to share everything that I share with you. Because I’m living proof of everything that’s going on.

Remember… It’s all lofty long term goals for 2019 and beyond. I’m going all in… For YOU!

And the big goal. Is to visit as many of you as possible. In the countries that you’re in.

It’s already happened many times over the years. But it’s time to re-ramp it up again. We’ll see how things play out.

But the first step. Is…

> Messenger
> Post notifications (As it asks, at the top of the screen)
> Tailored Paypal payment links
> Buzzcoin (Today’s newsletter topic)

That’s WTF is going on right now

The world is ‘shifting’ in the way that things are getting done.

Don’t be a dinosaur. Follow my lead. So that you stay on top… Living your best life @ no.1!

Which is an improved version of your current day life!


What’s trending?

> Hemp protein (This one is on the new @fitbuzz Amazon page too)
– More > Tulum
– S-curve exercise variation > ‘simple example’

– Becoming S-curvish is > overrated? 
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