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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s been a summer… Full of me… Spending a lot of time, with you. Offline… Online… Or wherever.

Which of course… Lead to > this newsletter.

One reason why that interval phase-ish, is a good thing for you. Is because it gives you ‘patience focused discipline’.

But let’s dig in a little more into the topic at hand.


You see… Not all members on here that start… succeed.

They start with the intention to succeed (As everyone does). But for those people. at some point throughout the process. Get distracted. And start trying out other things at the same time.

That’s actually a reason why a lot of people fail. In anything. Because they simply won’t focus.

And it’s not entirely their fault. The social media era is to blame too.

But that is a known reason @ why ‘failing’ happens.

Any proven formula out there… Works. But it’s about getting that formula to work for YOU.

And 121 communication, is the best way to make that happen in S-curve world.


– You’re going to be much more immersed in the experience.

– People have different personality types. So 121 helps us adjust to how you are. And to change how you are to some degree, too.


With all that being said. Intense 121 coaching can get really boring.

Think about your (Or ‘A’) current day life partner/lover/spouse.

There are times where you simply need to ‘miss them’ a little. To start appreciating them again. And that… Is why ‘patience focused discipline’ via the > interval phase, is a very good thing.

Because you get to be married… Without having to face a divorce. Because you’re going through intervals.

You get to focus on other things during your breaks (TC2.0, yoga). Without cheating on the main dish. Because you know the main dish is the holy grail, that’s waiting for you back home.

And the timeline is set at 1-5 years from day 1. So you know what’s up.

Not knowing what’s up… Is why a lot of plans and relationships go south. Along with bad communication.

All of the above… Nails both.

– A strong relationship plan from the start
– A strong communication plan from the start


Once again… The formula itself, never changes.

But the way in which we approach it, always will. Because your life is dynamic. And things do always change.

The S-curve Interval Phase is the current day change in the S-curve formula approach. Which is a great option for some of you to be doing.

If it sounds like this has related to your situation, over the past 3 days. Then reach out. Because its not fair for you not to be receiving this fix.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– In S-curve world… They will > still stare. Because we make boobs shrink less :).

– It’s all about the > poolside bikini-curvish snaps (Take a look at the Pinterest feed).

– > Roller skating for S-curve HIIT cardio?

– The > power bank @ vital TC2.0 gear.

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