The solution to your B.S ‘I have no time’ statement

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Buzzers… Fri-yay…

The solution to your B.S.

So… As you all know. I’ve gone full throttle with meeting new people (Most of whom, will need our help) ‘offline’ this year. I did the same in 2017. But in different locations this time around.

Online… We do that everyday. So nothing new there.

But the thing that I hear the most, from folks (People who want to live and look better… Not knowing anything about how to fix the problem(s))…

Is that they have no time

Which is of course, not true.

There’s time for everything that you want in this world. It’s just that you prioritise, in what you see as ‘important’.

Now… Forget about ‘random’ people for a sec.

For those who end up in S-curve world… One of the reasons why you become a member. Is so that you can do ‘something’. That doesn’t require a huge time commitment. At least to begin with.

All you need is…

– A > smart phone (Ya… A lot of people around the world don’t have one like that)
– Data or wifi (This is ‘everywhere’ now)
– An open space to workout (Anywhere)

Most folks who I meet… Are new to this though.

And just like with anything else. You don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s one reason why I’m constantly meeting people. Because you learn something new, every single time!

So… If you ever find yourself saying that you don’t have time. Jump in the chats. Start. And then follow my lead.

You’ll learn within 1-3 days, just how little extra time is required to get started and fixed.

Getting started is the most important factor

It’s what people do, before they end up going long term.

Long term isn’t about paying every month. It’s about finding a process that YOU can work with!

I’ve seen and lived with people, who waited years, before finally waking up to the fact that they must fix their problems.

Because they start. Realise how simple it is. And think… ‘Why didn’t I start earlier’!

It’s why you constantly see motivating images and videos on the @fitbuzz social media channels.

Take a look at my physique in my profile pics on FB (Link at the end)

The following has been my daily schedule for the past 2 years.

– Breakfast, lunch, 2 x dinner (S-curve meal structure)
– Eat until I feel content
– 20 minutes Short splits routine… Monday to Thursday

That’s it!

People ask what I do. And I just say it’s the S-curve formula. Because it is. There’s nothing else I could tell them. Even if I wanted to.

And that. Is what I’ll be teaching you. And once successful. Is what you can introduce to anyone @ S-curve member partner program… That walks up to you and asks… ”What did you do?”

The big goal… Is to get everyone who at least becomes a member for 1-3 months… To connect via offline events.And overall… To have everyone enjoying the fun parts of the S-curve experience.

Program of the moment

> Hallow-curvish

As usual… Just jump onto FB messenger to chat first.

What’s trending?

– > Tupperware – This is one way to save a lot of time (@ Teaching this in Hallow-curvish)

– Hallow-curvish > costume ideas

– Natural > rack city… If you still have natural boobs

– Remember the ‘Menage a trois’ newsletter from 2 weeks ago? If so… > This @ watch it


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