The solution to building muscle and getting results… Is 121 coaching

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The solution to building muscle…


– You’ve seen the physical results
– The timeline of those results
– Members that are still active… Years later
– The screen shots of chats
– The S-curve formula shenanigans

All of that is good and great.

But the no.1 and most important thing that happens here… Is 121 coaching.

All of that knowledge and experience, just speeds up the process @ everything you do.

This isn’t just in relation to becoming an S-curve member either. It’s with anything you need help with. It’s the approach that I took. When learning to set up certain parts of some things that you see, over on > Morebuzz.

And it did indeed speed things up. Which also meant that YOU benefited from that… If you became a member. Or even just a newsletter reader.


121 coaching is done via Messenger.

It’s easier than ever before, to simply jump in and get the ball rolling.

– Mindset fix
– Lifestyle fix
Body fix

The S-curve formula is in there. And it’s 121 coaching that makes it all work in sync.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > S-curve in OOTD attire

– Narrated > HIIT cardio

– > S-curve bendy moments

– A > solid pitcher

Blueprint tips

#1 The first thing you should do on all food labels… Is check that the > ingredients list is A-C rated or rich in nutrients.

If you do that… Then you’ll ensure that your kitchen will always feed you S-curvishly. Without having to think about eating S-curvishly.

#2 Fruity water (Using a pitcher, like the one above)

Lemon, lime, oranges…

This really does give your daily drinking shenanigans, a satisfaction boost. You just need to stick a few slices into the water. Put it in the fridge and done.

FB stories > Messenger… That’s where you need to be.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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