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You know… The internet is great.⁣
⁣Yet… For the past 2-3 years. We ourselves, get ‘outdoors’… Daily. Meeting 1-5 new people every other day.⁣
Usually like this… @robincyn.

⁣Because the internet can be ‘fake’.⁣
Well… More like a highlight reel. So in essence. What ends up being posted on the internet, is not the ‘whole’ truth. In regards to what you end up consuming.
Outdoors and ‘offline’. Is 100% real life. Nothing can be hidden with face-to-face interactions.
With all that being said.
These days… That means, encouraging YOU to jump into the messaging apps we use. As it’s the only true way to really help you. If help is what you’re after.⁣
– Support when buying > supplements or > merchandise
– Preparing for coaching sessions via the > ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program
You can make ‘chat’ happen in several places.
– This website (Bottom right corner of any page you’re on)
– The official S-curve Xperience > shopping page (Bottom right corner of any page you’re on)
– The > Shaun Sinclair FB profile
– This > ‘stand alone’ page

Opening up a chat is the best thing you can do, once you arrive here. And once you do. You’ll be auto-subscribed to the newsletter. Which itself… Is a part of the S-curve formula.

⁣This year (2019)…

We’ve met the most ‘unhappy’ people. More so than any other year.⁣

⁣It could be that a lot of people have been forced to show what their actual daily life looks like. As the internet as a whole, calls out BS more quickly these days (Folks having had enough of ‘fake’ most likely…).⁣
Or it could be the fact that some of these ‘unhappy’ people, are constantly comparing themselves to other peoples ‘highlight reel’ on social media.
That’s also a reason why we kept our LIVE training material raw and slightly edited.
(It kinda reminded the same… Like in the earlier days)
Because everything gets recorded. Exactly as if we were to work together in person.

The solution for ‘unhappy’ people⁣⁣

⁣Our job today… Involves more ‘lifestyle’ fixing, than ‘body’ fixing. Aka building an S-curve (Turn your body to the left… See the letter ‘S’).⁣

With the end/continued goal. To earn, live, travel, workout wherever/whenever the fudge you want… At some level (Fudge is OUR F word :D).⁣
We’ve created several posts that explain how we achieve that. But let’s highlight the most relevant ones to-date.

Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements)
Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (An EPIC explanation)
The meaning of ‘Coming up for air’ in S-curve world
Access vs Ownership (In s-curve world) 

Coaching men vs women

Yes… There are differences. But it also varies, depending on the type of men/women who start.
For example…
Some ‘alpha’ males are heavy in the ‘ego’ department. And aren’t after 121 coaching. Maybe just guidance.
Other men… Approach us. Because they lack confidence. Are failing in the dating department. And have come to the conclusion that working with us, will improve that area of their lives.
And they’re not wrong. Working with us ‘will’. But not in the way that they think (Hint: It has nothing to do with ones physical appearance).
In fact… Many of them are eager to date women who look like our associates and partner program members…
But again… They won’t ‘win’, in the way they think they will.
Anyway… The main theme, regarding the coaching of men. Is that men (In general) don’t need coaching ‘chats’. Just direction.
– Show me the ‘supplements’
– Show me the routines
– Show me what’s causing me to fail (And I’ll stop doing that)
Women… Are the opposite. And often seek coaching chats for an emotional connection.
That fact… Is actually the reason why we re-focused our efforts on women, back in 2010. Right here on this website.
1. Because there was strong demand from them to offer it.
2. That emotional connection… Along with the bonding that occurred, led to very loyal S-curve members. Many of whom are still active today… 5-7 years later!
This is a deep topic to dig into. Which is why it got it’s own post…
The difference between coaching men vs women

To conclude 

Today’s newsletter is LIVE and direct from everything that’s being thrown at me. In all the conversations that I have.
So make sure you reply in the chats. As instructed above!

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