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That’s the current goal. To continuously build upon that.

For the past 3-5 years… We’ve ventured into new territory. 



Travel-curvish 2.0

The S-curve member partner program

As well as expanding on existing territory.


–  The S-curve program

– How we get down with food and supplements (S-curve formula)
– The items page
– The merch

And one area that I’m excited to watch evolve. Is how the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will merge into our S-curve world. 

Especially since we’re now a platform. Basically meaning, that the industry will affect what we do here, in different ways/pats of the S-curve Xperience.

7 months ago… I gave you the option to be able to start as an S-curve member for free. Simply by signing up on the following two websites.
> Binance
> Coinbase

The first reason… Is to of course, get you to start @ fixing whatever issue you have.

The 2nd reason… Is to give you one option, to be able to live the S-curve Xperience to the max. Which basically means to live and work from wherever you want. By investing and/or trading cryptocurrencies.

And today… I’m re-highlighting that fact.

Many of you will receive these newsletters via Messenger.

And of course… Replying to talk, is the norm.

That… Is where the fix begins for you. Long before you even become a paying S-curve member.

And so… It’s all about keeping those chats free for you. At least to begin with.

Because naturally… We’ll have to switch to some kind of paid plan, if ‘results’ is your goal @ whatever you need fixing.

So… If you want to dig deeper into fixing something, without the pressure of becoming an S-curve member. Then sign up on those two websites for free.

Once done. We’ll begin. As well as teaching you what to do with those websites.

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