The S-curve Partner Program… Own YOUR sh*t!

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People of S-curve world…
You know…
Partnering up is great. Heck… We have officially started a > partner program, where we all benefit from each others efforts (But mostly YOU… From OUR efforts).
But ultimately… What you want…Is for YOUR brand to shine.
Now… In general. ‘Brand power’ takes time to build. It’s not always easy to measure either. Though we do have tools like ‘Google trends’ to search for brand queries.
But it doesn’t have to take as much time. Because of the collective power of the S-curve Partner Program.
This is a core reason for you to be present here (If you’re an individual or business that wants to ‘grow’).
– Hyper relevant/mutual audiences
– Global audiences
Many businesses have great products and services (We’re working on partnering with many that we’ve seen… Via several small businesses from around the world who have awesome products). The products just need to be in the hands of more of the right people… At scale!
Again… S-curve Partner Program power.
I’ve said it before. But the goal… Is to build (Well… Continue to grow) a platform that WE control. The size isn’t the focus yet. It’s more about establishing a source that we can rely on.
OUR platform.
Which we’ve built up over the past 10 years.

Let’s ramp YOU up

Post affiliate pro screenshot
Post affiliate pro screenshot
With the help of > Post Affiliate Pro
Post affiliate pro screenshot
Post affiliate pro screenshot
I’ll continue to throw this software in your face… As It will be a core driver of your growth.
How do I know?
Because of all of our years of partnering with our supplement partners. And everyone getting paid because of it! 
And any others that you see in > this post.
Along with all the boosted physical/mental results for all those customers.
Send a DM… I’ll show you the ‘zero refund’ stats from inside the software!
Which is what happens when we have…
– Hyper relevant/mutual audiences
– Global audiences
Post Affiliate Pro is the exact software they’ve used. Which makes it easy for ME to recommend it to you. And the fact that I’ve lived inside it near daily, since 2012!
And today… It’s built so that it’s easy to get the people who help you sell more products… To add MORE sellers into your product platform.
That right there… Is how you get > more time on your hands.
So that you can embrace more week day shenanigans like this…
Yes… She has her own shop too.

More social media followers are great…

But we don’t own those. And we certainly don’t have control over algorithms.
We’re more concerned about performance. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes, that makes everything work. And causes money to flow!
And that will continue to happen. As long as you stay in constant contact with us. And…
– You own a software like Post Affiliate Pro (There are others… But I have no experience with them. So I can’t talk on them).
– You live inside a Whatsapp, Viber (09279345957) Add ME, Text chat group.
Because then… We can create strategies. Based on all the info and resources that we have to hand.
– Businesses
– Relationships
– Members inside the S-curve Partner Program
– Social media accounts/websites
‘Relationship’ is the keyword here.
Because with that… We can turn on a ‘brand power’ boost in an instant.

To conclude

Like I said at the end of 2019… I still see this as the hottest area within the S-curve Xperience as a whole, in 2020 (Maybe even beyond).
I can feel the energy going that way.
So expect to see more posts about this, as time goes on.
As usual… Hit the chat box on this page to ask questions.

The latest


Still playing with vape…

'Air time' fun with CBD and vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way 
‘Air time’ fun with CBD and vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way
‘Air time’ fun with > CBD and > vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way

Long time associate @dalmaviczai

Has found an apparel brand that is similar to one of current partners @ > Born Tough.
Born Tough - Gym attire meets OOTD casual attire @ part 3 of t4 of he S-curve Xperience.
Gym attire meets OOTD casual attire @ part 3 of 4 of he S-curve Xperience.
So they might join > this page at some point soon too.
Copy the code below to your web site.
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