The S-curve formula and simplifying everything

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S-curve + 'soft lean' #shred belly + 'Coming up for air' @camilapazchavez
S-curve + ‘soft lean’ #shred belly + ‘Coming up for air’ @camilapazchavez
So last week. We highlighted the fact that we’re in our 10th anniversary, here on
We’ve evolved into an S-curve Xperience through all of that. And one part of that. Is simplifying everything.
You see. All the complicated sh!t that goes on here (Which is needed to succeed), was created in the early years (circa 2010-2014).
And I myself, was a guinea pig for all of it. The S-curve members took over THAT, of course.
And today. You don’t see any in-depth articles about supplements, exercises or nutrition.
Today… You just follow simple directions. Because the S-curve formula takes care of it all.
This coincides with the short attention span era that we entered, around 2017. And the complaint about not having time to live this ‘S-curve Xperience’ life (When in fact… It’s this life that is saving you).
In terms of Becoming S-curvish
– You just need a mobile device
– Access to internet
– Access to food
– Any open space to do a workout
The only thing that will cost you any extra time, other than what you already do in your daily life. Is20 minutes a day, for an S-curve workout on 3 different days.
In terms of food and supplements
You just need to consistently follow everything on > this page.
In terms of shopping for things to buy
@ stuff needed when living the S-curve Xperience.
Yup… We’ve had A LOT of experiencing using products, from everything we’ve done over the past 10 years.
And all the good stuff… Continues to end up on > this list (And > this one too).
In terms of Travel-curvish 2.0
This s still a work in progress. But the best thing to do, is to follow on our social media channels.
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TC2.0 destination = ‘Coming up for air’ @azuliktulum @blakehobsonn #architecturedesign #hotelview #Mexico #QuintanaRoo #RivieraMaya #AZULIKTulum #TulumMexico #Nest #Jungle 🔙 Continuing on from the previous post… ✈️🏠 And so… TC2.0 steps in. Where we reveal (to you only). Some awesome, yet less popular spots around the world. 👽 Which are often times… Not too far from the popular spots. But are sometimes, ‘out of the way’. Which might be why they’re less popular. 🎉 But even the ‘out of the way’ journey can be fun too. 📍 In regards to Tulum… ❤️ Most people stay in the heart of it. Which you still can and should do on some days. As being there, gives you easy access to things. 🚗 But heading a little further out. Will take you to more remote, yet peaceful spots. 👫👬 And what you’ll find. Is just a handful of people there. Who have the same idea as you. 💬📩 We’ll talk about another location where we experienced this. In the Thursday newsletter. #drones #dronephotography #dronestagram #wonderful_places #vacations #viaparadise #beachesnresorts #beautifulhotels #islandlife #hotelsandresorts #beachtime #dronefly #luxuryhotel #travelblogger

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We are now an S-curve platform

And if you truly want to reap the rewards of what we’re creating right now. You simply need to sign up on the two websites on Buzzcoin. Which was mentioned in yesterday’s list.
The long term stuff, you won’t see yet. But the short term. You just need to buy even a small amount of Bitcoin.
And even there… You’ll start to see how owning/using it… Ties in, with how we live within the S-curve Xperience
I’m personally living it now @ various countries that I visit.
And you will start seeing LIVE examples, of how all of what goes on in Buzzcoin. Is improving my own S-curve Xperience.
What’s on YOUR mind right now?
As usual… What you reply with, will end up on this newsletter.

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