The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation

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Buzzers… Humpday… The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation. It’s another day. But here… That’s another day, in S-curve world.

I’ll dig into what I mean by that in a sec. But first. Just a recap of what’s going on at present..


#1 > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday

That may or may not mean sh*t to you. And the theme will change after these 2 events are over.

And if it doesn’t mean sh*t to you. Then > FB Messenger and tailored Paypal payment links is where you really need to be anyway.


#2 > Premium newsletter 

Not important to all. But it is, for those who requested for this to exist…

**Stop! Il continue with what’s going on, shortly (You’ll see why)**

I give you vision 

Think about why you read this newsletter.

I can tell you why… Since they’ve been going out daily, for > 9 years.

– Offers solutions to your problems
– To find someone/something to trust in
– Entertainment
– Education
– Motivation

Let’s talk about ‘motivation’ 

It’s all good and great. It gives a > feeling.

It also encourages you to become a member. Which benefits YOU… Waaay more than for what that does for @fitbuzz.

I’ve seen the outcome too many time, to know that’s the truth.

However… Motivation is temporary. And on top of that. You need consistent doses of it, in order for it to be useful.

That’s partly why a long term process exists behind the scenes @ fixing your body/mind/lifestyle.

What’s more important… Is that you are given the tools to start succeeding on your own. In other areas of your life too.

That is why we’ve become an S-curve experience. Because that allows you to become a part of something.

Everyday… You wake up. And you know where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing (And to keep embracing that mindset, in all areas of your life).

Purpose… Clarity… And all that good stuff.

That’s also why you’re seeing…


**What’s going on right now (Continued)**


#3 The S-curve Member Partner Program (Info available only via Messenger)

… Because we’ve been doing this S-curve ish for a while now… And a lot of people have been following for a lot of years.

Many of whom, became members at some stage.

So it’s time to evolve their status. As they are qualified to do what I started to do with them.

If that sounds like something for you, that you could be doing. Then become a member by ‘starting’

@ Hallow-curvish/Tailored Paypal link.

If you’re a past member. Just jump into FB Messenger. We’ll talk it out there.

All of that ‘togetherness activity’ increases engagement and gives you vision.


#4 > Buzzcoin

The same as above. The key thing here. Is that we’re working together @ moving your money forward/upwards (It also kills that vibe that we’re possibly just trying to drain your bank account @ becoming a member. Because of course… Our long term vision is much bigger than something silly like that).

And embracing the future developments of the world, together. Whilst applying those things to the

S-curve experience. Like blockchain > Tavel-curvish shenanigans.

#5 Future local events 

It has to be this way… Due to our global reach.

A lot of you on here, treat all of this, as if it’s happening on one continent. Which makes sense today.

But to make all of what you see here… A reality ‘offline’. We’ll have to come together at different intervals.

In different countries.


To conclude

No conclusion really. I’ve said what needs to be said.

Just remember… ‘Trust’ is important. And it does take time to build. But you’re also getting old.

So don’t waste time.

Today’s the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again.


What’s trending?

> Plant protein (Ingredient focused as usual… Remember… If the ingredients match YOUR S-curve meal structure… You buy and try).

> Aruba

> Toddlers

> S-curvish Serenity

Want to talk? Head over to FB Messenger.


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