The pre-quel to the @fitbuzz back story (Pre-2009)

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Buzzers… #TGIF…

Before > this back story… 

In 2009… When I restarted my career. I had 3 choices.

Create a business/entity that focused on…

– Football/soccer (I was born and raised in the UK… Hence)
– Video games (My entire child and young adult-hood)
– Fitness (My entire life)

I had an expert knowledge base and skill set in all 3 areas. But I chose fitness. Because it felt right. And because it was a solution to my ‘then’ problem @ the story above.

Movies and film was another area. Which is why you see me talk about it a lot on here. Especially since starting my journey @ getting > in front of the camera.

And today… Here we are…

Fitness > S-curve experience 

The S-curve member partner program

The fact of the matter is. There are a lot of active ‘past’ S-curve members. Some got a physical and mental fix. Others became members, just to become a part of something.

Being a part of something 

If that’s you. Then for you… Simply become active again on your member page. And then… Consider becoming a part of the partner program.

– Get others that you know… Involved. So that they can get their fix. They’ll start. Because of the relationship that they have with you.

– You’ll be rewarded for it (Small picture goals).

However… The big picture goal. Is to increase happiness levels for all those involved (Especially the friends and family of those involved)!

And to then create in-person events.

This has happened before. But the reason now, is more meaningful. Since you have been following for so long @ past active members.

I have no idea how this will play out. But if it develops into anything like what is described above. Then… There will be future goodies for all involved. In-person or digitally.

The audience has changed too @ the men have returned. So ‘they’ can start now too.

To begin 

If you’re one of those past members. Then it’s all about the Messenger chats. Everything important that happens. Goes on in 121 chats. So go there and talk to me about it.

And to begin…

I’ve seen what it’s like when making the partner program work for YOU. It starts by being genuine. No real intent. Just you… Spreading goodness out into the world.

That’s who you should be… If you are to become a partner.

Follow my lead. And think about the reasons why you yourself have been active, interacting and following for so long.

The big thing here. Is that today. I can personally guarantee a successful outcome. For all those who start.

That’s old news now… possibly for you too. But not for new people. ‘That’ guarantee will be thrown at them though.

Also… Some of the best people that this will work well with. Are adults aged between 46-55.

That’s just one tip. The partner program shenanigans won’t be posted in this daily newsletter. But I’ll be spilling the beans in full cans… Via the > premium newsletter.


I said it several days ago. But one other reason for getting you engaged there. Is because of how you’ll use everything there, on certain Travel-curvish trips.

I’ll highlight all possibilities throughout our 121 chats.

What’s trending?

– > S-curve bendy fail to succeed moments

– > Ankle weights

– TC2.0 > isn’t always at the beach


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