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Buzzers… > Ashamed happened?

We didn’t do a weekly recap yesterday. So… You can spend the morning back tracking > here.

The weekend was a festive one @ fall season shenanigans heating up.  So today… We’re going to kick start the week, with a topic that we haven’t talked about in a long time (since we’ve been focused on teaching you about the S-curve experience and the ‘becoming S-curvish’ process).

That is… The foods and meals.

But ‘not’ > this beginning part of S-curve food process. Nah… More towards, the eating restaurant food and foods from different cultures part of it.

Being from a melting pot city (raised around people from many different backgrounds). I got to experience a lot of different foods from early on in life.

First… Some faves of my own @ to try for Thanksgiving/Christmas

– Mint sauce on lamb
– Fried plantain
– Sugar cane juice
– Fried dumplins
– Bread pudding
– Look for a soft brown bun bread with fruit and raisins inside

That’s a wide mixture of very yummy A-F rated. It’s the festive season. So you’re allowed to care less, enjoy and embrace.

And In general…

– Pineapple boat with rice inside + various meat choppings (Thailand)
– Tacos + dip
– Chicken adobo (Phillippines)
– Special or chicken fried rice (Chinese)

That list is truly endless.

We typically start to embrace this stuff more, when you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish. And to definitely be embraced on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

Which can be seen via the shenanigans album on my own profile and via the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via > More buzz).

We don’t do much with recipes here. Just a focus on the ingredients.

So it’s…

A) Eye up the restaurants food menu
B) Subconsciously eye up the A-F rated foods in the meals listed
C) Order… Based on how you feel
D) Try something new… And take the meal ideas home with you :D.

The foods above, are just from my own experiences.

So reply or message with some of your faves. As I’ll be trying those and sharing them with everyone else here.

S-curve blueprint tip

Like I said last week… Do all of that mental preparation stuff. But like with anything you intend to succeed with. Just ‘start’ @ whatever that is.

Which is exactly what you’re being prepared for, in this years > fall season program. Which is of course,what happens before (almost all) stage 2 members, migrate to stage 3.

And you see those stages 1-4…

They’re sitting there like that, because that’s the success formula that continues to work again and again. So it probably won’t change for a while.

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that.
And More buzz for everything else.


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