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Buzzers… Wednesday…

So… Someone asked me what was the no.1 thing to do. If you wanted to change your body for the better.

Of course… It’s a formula that you need to follow. There is no ‘one thing’.

But if there was. And to do the absolute minimum. It would be to never eat fat or fruit at night or 3-4 hours before you sleep.

Just that alone, would keep your body in check (You’d wait a very long time to see big changes in your physique if you did ‘just’ that though).

But since the solution is an actual formula. Which starts > from here at present. Let’s list some of the ingredients within it via S-curve blueprint tips.

#1 The S-curve formula itself, is actually the solution for what I’m about to tell you. Just…

Don’t stop!

Once you’re on the path to success.

This actually relates to a lot of things, when people are set out to ‘achieve’, in whatever area that is. Folks would be flying along. And for no good reason at all… Just ‘stop’.

Actually… There’s always a reason. But they’ll hide away. It’s our job here, to make sure you talk and stay connected.

It’s OK to disappear for a while and do other things. And to then return later, if you want to. But not if you’re

currently 40% S-curvish and your day 1 goal is to get to at least 75% S-curvish.

Because those members that have those hissy fits and disappear. Return every time. And they kick themselves. Because it’s only themselves who get hurt.

Especially when they return to S-curve world later… And see that things have evolved.

– Prices might have gone up.
– Noticing more ‘new’ members who surpassed them. In the same time frame or quicker.

So don’t stop. And you won’t stop here. Because the S-curve formula helps you not to.

#2 Not a blueprint tip: Is > this a real thing? I’ve never seen it being put into practice. Hehe.

#3 Depending on your lifestyle… You might find it hard to keep up with consistent workouts, for the long term. Which is why there’s so much flexibility in the program’s structure ‘today’ @ > pay as you go.

The first thing to do… Would be to make sure you just eat S-curvishly. If you do that… Your results will at least maintain.

The second thing to do… Would be to embrace the Tailored Daily Exercise video(s).

They’re so short and easy to do anywhere. Because of that… You end up staying ‘in the zone’ of doing workouts.

#4 Cheat snacking

– No cheat meals

Instead… You’ll just eat any tasty food that you like. Right after your main S-curve meal(s). Just… A small portion @ whatever that is. Like my > Jammy Dodgers.

This way… You’ll never crave for anything sweet. And you’ll never gain unwanted fat, since the portions are so small.


I’m constantly surrounded by all things S-curvish.

– In training sessions
– On TC2.0 trips
– On the social media channels
– Inside Instagram DM’s (Associates or potential associates)
– Via FitBuzzers who made it happen and became S-curvish.

If you look like sh*t right now. There’s 100% no reason for you to be.

So reach out and join in on all this fun that everyone is having @ it’s more than just the butt. It just ‘starts’ there.


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