The ‘Not so evolutionary’ formula to build an S-curve (Body)

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The magic pill

Becoming 90-100$ 'soft lean' S-curvish @miss__heather_jo
Becoming 90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @miss__heather_jo
Ever since Becoming S-curvish has been a ‘thing’. People have always looked for magical solutions to get results.
Mostly because people are lazy. And of course… People are afraid of hard work.
All of this ‘magic’ searching would be fine. If say, the human body had evolved the way the internet itself has evolved. Where today, you can do a lot more with the internet, than 20 years ago.
– Access it in more places
– Watch entire movies via a stream
– LIVE stream
– And much more
So the internet is now a magical thing. You can indeed go on the internet and magically change your life. With some hard work and thought (Sometimes… Not so hard).
But the human body? Not so much.
– We aren’t necessarily getting smarter
– We still get and die from diseases
– We still only live to 100 years old max
Yet… WE have consistently evolved the S-curve (‘Skin in the game’) program over time.
How so?

Well first… To set your mind straight…

We’ve been doing this for a while now (> Est.2009).
Some people > started and succeeded. And others intended to start. Didn’t. Watched others succeed. Came back year after year. And did the same thing. 
The human body hasn’t evolved. So there is one formula for changing it, that always works. Regardless of the person. Aka the S-curve formula. Which is a set of proven processes you follow.
Proven… From a combination of science and real world testing.
Processes that you’re already familiar with. Restructured to work more efficiently.

The mindset…

THAT… Is what we evolve. And it’s something that CAN change and evolve.
It’s easier to succeed with that on younger people, compered to older people, as they become set in their ways.
But can be done. And it’s our main job in the > ‘Skin in the game’ program.
– The 121 chats
– Using supplements like these…
– The habit building shenanigans
– The lifestyle changes (Including changing the people you spend time with most)
Whenever you see someone achieving results in our world. It’s mostly because we fixed the way their mind works.
It’s usually a series of ‘ah-ha’ moments, over time.

To conclude

If you’ve been guilty of looking for a magic pill for your solutions. It’s OK.
And it’s natural to seek an easier way for doing things.
Of course. Just like us. Hard work is done behind the scenes, to create solutions (That work) in the world.
And we of course built the S-curve formula over a number of years.
But if you have been one of the people that have messaged us directly. Asking us about starting.
Then expect the above to play a major role in any results that you seek to achieve.
Be sure to dig into the most recent newsletters if you haven’t already done so. As we go into detail of every aspect of fixing YOU!.

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