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Buzzers… Thursday…

So… This week has been all about showing support for the new FitBuzzers here. Who need and want to become S-curve members.

Some dive in straight away. And start at…

> $500 pre-paid for 6 months


> $150/$300 a month

Whilst others need a bit more time. Everyone is different.

And today… We’re going to dig into more detail @ some important elements of the S-curve formula.

It’s a lot of info to take in, in a very short period of time. So… The following will help to speed things up a little.

Cheat snacking 

You know about cheat meals right?

That’s when you sit down and stuff your face, full of D-F rated foods, for an entire meal. How frequently that occurs… Depends on how fast or slow you want your results to come.

In S-curve world… We leave that to Fridays only.

But… We cheat snack every single day.

It’s when you eat fruit or a small portion of a D-F rated food. After your main A-C rated meals @ breakfast, lunch and dinner (A = Apple/F = Apple pie with cream on top).

Doing so… Prevents you from wanting to binge cheat. And keeps your sanity in check. Since most A-C rated meals are boring @ taste.

This is some something that needs to be coached into you. And for it to stick… Requires 121 coaching sessions.

Tailored Daily Exercise videos 

It’s a video where a few exercises are chosen for you to do… Every morning or night.

The exercises are chosen, based on your on-going results.

And we change the video every single month. Because as you may now know… It’s all about outpacing the rate at which your body adapts to change.

90% of people (Especially adults)… Don’t like or embrace change. So once again. 121 coaching and LIVE update member shenanigans to the rescue.

This feature… Helps to speed up results and keeps you on the wagon. It’s arguably the best ‘workout part’ of your entire plan.

Strength and exercise progression module

TDE videos might be the best thing that helps you stay on the wagon (We change that video, based on what happens here… And in your day to day life).

But this module… Will be the best ‘workout reason’, why you see see improved results. Beyond 60% S-curvish. And at a record pace.

The reason why it works. Is because it’s the actual things that you need to be doing consistently (Which very few busy people do on their own). And it’s the 121 chats and increased engagement that makes it a reality.

I recorded what that > entire process looks like, LIVE… Back in 2016.

In that example. We saw an S-curve members push up numbers rise from 1-3 a set. To 15. And to then hitting 5 full range of motion reps on the pull up bar.

If you’re a woman. You’ll know how rare that is. And for the guys reading this (Since you’ve returned). Don’t worry… Your plan will be a ‘guys’ plan. Tailored for YOU.


There’s body fixing, mindset fixing and lifestyle fixing.

All of which… When put into motion. Will play a part in keeping you fixed. Long after > this time period.

Not putting yourself through those fixes. Is what gives most people a penalty @ the results they desire. Hence… Why we do what we do.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > P20 pro, because of the camera. Which makes for a super duper S-curve experience gadget.

– > S-curve workout moments

– What > TC2.0 looks like


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