The no.1 way to fix your butt (For good)

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Buzzers… Choose today (Always)… The no.1 way to fix your butt…. It’s yet another day in S-curve world. So let’s get into it…

#1 That S-curve member partner program @ yesterday’s newsletter

I actually started this privately, 2 years ago. With offline S-curve members.

In short…

If you’re a successful member, that naturally shared your experience with YOUR people. Then… You will get rewarded, by sharing that experience with YOUR people.

This is all done privately though. So it’s all about messaging direct, via FB Messenger. Either on my own profile. Or on the @fitbuzz FB page.

#2 Back to explaining why/how long term ‘works’…

121 nutrition coaching is what makes going long term on stage 3… Work! What you see in month 1 is just a tiny start.

That’s where the magic is. Because if your nutrition mind isn’t fixed. You’re just going to start failing again.

Yes… You have access to 121 coaching chats/therapy, as an active member. But that will naturally slow down over time.

And when it does… You’ll have to rely on the stuff that you’ve been taught during months 1-5, as an active member.

That… Is how you STAY fixed.

So if you’ve jumped into a one month plan. Didn’t embrace 121 coaching with a long term view on day 1 (A decision you would have are sub/consciously made… Since everyone is encouraged to go ‘all in’ on day 1). Then this is what you need to let happen.

I know you exist too. Because those who do fall into that group. Have been coming back. Wishing they got into it a little deeper, from the start.

And that’s how we create…

#3 S-curve member stories 


It all started with just the progress pic, way back when. But today… That has evolved, into showing you an S-curve members 1-5-10 year story.

Year 1 will always be great. As long as you’re on a plan longer than 1-2 months.

But life is dynamic. Nothing stays the same.

We give you the ammunition to stay on top of things. But even then… Things will change.

We of course have stage 4/Pay-as-you-go in place… For you to return for a re-ignition boost. But the story will show the real journey. And will show newcomers what that should/could look like.

– The challenges
– How we deal with them
– The TC2.0 trips

#4 Free stage 1 via Buzzcoin

I do always tell you that > prepaid and > stage 3 are the best options to start on, if you’re serious about becoming a successful member.

That’s typically where hungry new starters go. Or where those who we’ve built up a lot of trust with, go.

But if your trust levels are on the lower side. And since this started off as a business focused newsletter.

Just remember that you can start > stage 1 via Buzzcoin.

You’ll get taught about why that sign up may make sense today… And in a not too distant future.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Battle ropes because of > this video.

– > Epic starts to the week.

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become an active member.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 More buzz is where everything exists.
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