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Buzzers… Tuesday…
It’s a strong S-curve member season right now. And I already told you that I’ll be talking about it more…
Than the other parts of the S-curve experience, because of the time of year we’re at present. So let’s
get into it.

Why does the S-curve formula work?

– Combining ‘proven’ science, with current day experience.

– Learning what works and what doesn’t… Because of that experience.

Collectively… We have all seen the different problems that people walk into the program with.

And after a while… There isn’t much that we haven’t seen before. If you’re starting for the first time today.

Because of that…

– Results come quicker.
– It makes it easier for you to become an S-curve member partner, if you choose to be one, after being an S-curve member yourself.

I mentioned that 121 coaching chats (And features related to it)…

Is the key to making all the elements of the S-curve formula work.

But another reason for 121 coaching chats. Is so that you don’t get bored.

It’s also therapy. So we always talk about everything. We > wax on and wax off.

It’s that deeper connection that makes you win. And is the reason why the 1-5-10 year goal is working @ members returning.

Sh*t… I’ve even met quite a few of you in person, from this newsletter.

Some of you came to me. Sometimes I came to you. It’s been a lot of fun. And my own life has improved greatly, because of @fitbuzz.

Even the condo that I stay in, when I’m in that ‘hub’… Was prepared for me, by an @fitbuzz Instagram follower.

It’s these organic events that has lead to the evolution into an S-curve experience.

And as you have seen. Life here…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Outside of just getting yourself ‘fixed’. Is a lot more fun.

To conclude

The story continues to get written every day.

And because I’m living it with you. It’s easy for me to dig into past events and data. When relating to current day events.

So that will continue to happen.

Let’s have a video/voice call on FB Messenger 

Gosh… I haven’t said that in a while, publicly.

But yes… Let’s have a chat, if you want to talk or ask about anything that you’ve seen via this newsletter.

Especially since I don’t focus on public videos that much any more. Other than general everyday videos of me on my profile/FB stories.

Message via my profile link below. Or some prefer to message the @fitbuzz FB page.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– TC2.0 camper van moments > looks like

– > Lucille (See Pinterest feed via More buzz below)

– Always > epic on a Monday

– > S-curve bodyweight circuit motivation

– > Lean bean… Since I’m working on some things, with their team/associates, behind the scenes. (Which helps you in the long run)


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