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Buzzers… Saturday…

As stated before… I’m personally going through a focused period right now. Which ultimately means less

TC.20 trips for the short term.

But that’s OK. And that’s also the reason why TC2.0 exists, as a ‘thing’ in S-curve world. As they become much more important, when you NEED to take a break.

This week…


#1 Announced the Spring season > Results Phase

#2 Stated that it would be best to start the > New Stage 2… If your summer shenanigans have already

kicked in.

And last month… I stated that the New Stage 1 is the most popular program right now.

Which it continues to be proven so, this week… By the feedback coming through via those who have started

it in the > past 2 months.
What’s really going on there?

Stage 1 is all about…

#1 ‘Initial’ low risk for you
#2 Your first entry into becoming S-curvish
#3 Building your foundation and getting used to how things work here

Almost everyone who progressed to stage 3 (Where the real results kick in) started on stage 1 first. And then

then eventually moved through the ranks.

So right now… If you’re not bothered about ‘summer results’ (Which is the focus of the Spring season results

phase). And if you know you want those ‘beyond 60% S-curvish’ results.

Then go the route that all of the hall of fame members went through. Which is to start the > New Stage 1

Some blueprint tips before we RECAPO tomorrow
#1 Weight training or bodyweight movements

There are a lot of ways to do this (We have about 15 different specific official routines in place at present). And I could share example videos to show you what this looks like. But…

A) You’ve seen these videos in past newsletters. Live, educational and example workouts.

B) That’s not what will help you. Jumping on a 121 chat and learning about your life, will. As there’s a ton of

info you are holding close to your heart and not revealing to any random joe. Info we must know about here.

But those are the only two areas that you’ll be concerned with @ getting physical.

#2 Meatless S-curve meals

> This is one that was posted not too long ago.

It’s been long known that you can have a protein, carb and fat meal with no meat present. As you can get

some proteins from veggie foods.

You’ll see exactly how you can do this, in the new official foods list that we launched in 2017, on LIVE  update member pages.

I use that every week. As a lot of it was created organically, via real life S-curve experience shenanigans.

You’ll really enjoy that as a new member.

#3 You don’t have to ‘grow so hard’


– We can shrink your waist to make your butt appear bigger

– We can keep your thighs small, whist growing your middle/lower butt (Which are the easiest parts of your

butt to grow).

Aka… Illusion of the booty. Which is what we first talked about, way back when we created the original No

Nonsense Butt Building ebook (Now videos).

Which is still one of the 10-15 routines that you’ll use at some point, during your 12-18 month journey to 60-100% S-curvish.


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