The no.1 reason why you won’t get muscle building results

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Last week Monday…

I put it out there… That an eventful week of stories was ‘wanted’. So once again… Let’s see what happens this week.

It’s a brand new week.

And as you’ve been seeing recently. My own TC2.0… Has been some kind of > ‘come up for air’shenanigan… That doesn’t involve going to a Travel-curvish destination.

This weekend was all about watching TV shows for me…

– Marvel’s Spiderman (Hard to miss the fact, that I’m a ‘Marvel’ fan).

– Better call Saul (Maybe you was a fan of Breaking Bad too. I mean… Look at > this scene for fudge sake).

And that’s OK. We all have our ‘periods’ for doing certain things.

This is why we sometimes have strong periods… Where a lot of members start. And slower periods, where there’s less.

Because even though you know the S-curve formula is what is needed in your life. You still need to get ready to start.

Yes… A lot of the time. It takes a LIVE 121 chat to snap you into that mode (Which is why many who do start, wish they had done, earlier).

But even then… You still need to be prepared. Which leads me to today’s headline.

FB stories > Messenger chats @ I ain’t telling you sh*t @ muscle building results


#1 You know that for anything to happen. We need to connect as human beings. Like… We are going to be

communicating every other day, when you become a member. And you don’t just do that with any one. So… We chat 121.

#2 You know that the newsletter posts blueprint tips, from a very long list. And that does indeed help you @ reminders and habit building.

But… In both cases… I still ain’t telling you sh*t!

Not the real deal sh*t. That’s why we have the long term membership (Results and lifestyle phase) and high end coaching. Both of which are parts of the S-curve formula.

That’s the stuff that changes you.

The value levels there are high. And our current members wouldn’t be happy if we just gave that to you either.

Also… That ‘I ain’t telly you sh*t’. Needs to exist. Because that’s part of the formula that makes you stick to the process, long term (Most people quit after the first 30 days without it).

So… Unless you’re a member. And if it’s a body, mindset/lifestyle fix that you want.

Then… I ain’t telling you sh*t.

However… This is the S-curve experience. And you know there’s more to dig into when you visit > more buzz.

So enjoy everything else that is there. Like ingredient focused supplements (Side bar), T-shirts and TC2.0.

But in some places. What you view and experience. Has been paid for already. So it remains free to you.

To conclude

You already know all of that. But it is a reassurance message to new S-curve members. Or if you had more questions. And… If you are about to become a member.

Seriously though… Once you do jump in. Get ready for a ride. Because your mind will switch gears.

And by day 30… You’ll know why you had to become a member.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

> High potency biotin

> You’re not really sorry

> Becoming S-curvish for > seated abs


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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