The no.1 reason why you MUST plan long term

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Buzzers…TBT… The no.1 reason why you MUST plan long term. You know… Not too much has changed… In terms of ‘Becoming S-curvish’ or ‘Shredding to smexy’ in S-curve world.


– We still focus on > ‘anywhere workouts’ since 2012-ish.

– We still use all 15 official S-curve routines, over time… In order to boost your results. Because we have to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

However… The ‘experience’ has evolved. And the workout has become just a tiny part of the S-curve experience.

In fact… Workouts are mostly there, just to trigger results.

In today’s world… There are many different body types out there. Especially since cosmetic surgery has been growing in popularity over the years.

Because of that… One needs to be specific about the outcome that one wants.

And if you’re here in S-curve world. You will see…

– > The S-curve (Turn to the left… See the letter S).

– Epic butt/Tiny waist ^^^.
– > Soft lean.

– Real boobs ^^^ (It’s not a bad thing if you have fake ones, prior to being a member. But it’s not encouraged. As going fake, often inspires you to keep on going ‘fake’… With other body parts. Just like folks who get one tattoo… And end up getting more and more.

More long term talk 

Going long term. It’s hard… Because we live in an instant gratification society (Kinda).

But it’s your only option, if you truly want to win.

What’s needed… Is short term urgency. And long term vision.

That’s what’s > getting taught in the 121 coaching chats.

Which is not easy to do if you’re currently in a lifestyle that’s hard to snap out of (Like a lot of people I meet daily).

And it’s not easy to do in terms of earning money… If you’re currently an adult, with responsibilities.

But again… Going long term is the only way. Because short term fat loss or mass earnings… Can  disappear as fast as it comes.

In terms of physical results. And getting rid of fat. All you’d have to do. Is eat ‘nothing’ and veggies all day.

But in doing so… You’d leave your body with destroyed muscle mass. And a broken metabolism. Which means you’ll gain fat more easily, when you inevitably have to start eating again.

At which point… Your body won’t look good. Because that requires muscles to be fed S-curvishly.

And building lean mature muscle takes time (Hi ‘long term’…).

This stuff is rarely talked about any more, on the newsletter. Or when you become a member. Because it makes the S-curve experience less ‘smooth’. It kills the mood and flow.

Today… You’re just asked questions. And given solutions to those answers. You just turn up and do what’s given to you. Daily… If you start on > Stage 3 or prepaid.

But it’s being highlighted today. To emphasis the fact that you need to have a long term view.

Even with @fitbuzz…

Just take a look at the consistency of > this newsletter over time (Left side bar).

Or even the results pages via the Stage 3 link above.

And behind the scenes. It’s a long list of past/present and future S-curve members… Partners and associates. That always return over time.

That… Is the magic of going long term!

It gives you wins over time. And the wins tend to get better too.

One way to enforce this into you. Is by embracing > ‘come up for air’, moments daily (That was me 2 days ago… In the hub where I meet new people every other day).

Which gives you moments of clarity.

> Taking TC2.0 trips is a big help too. Which is the 2nd most popular thing in S-curve world. Other than the S-curvish bodies.

To conclude

Long term view!

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Sun bum

– > S-curve workout fashion @ maybe we focus on that somewhat?


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