The no.1 cure for feeling envy towards other people

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Buzzers… TGIF… The no.1 cure for feeling envy towards other people. S-curve world activity is ‘present and in the moment’, 24/7 right now.

And if you’re a part of anything that I’ve talked about this week. You’ll definitely be feeling the heat.


The weekend is upon us. And although I am heavily active on here (As > my current profile pic  says). Some of you… Don’t need to be @…

– ‘Nutrition focused only’ weekends, as an active member.

– TC2.0 and ‘coming up for air’ for a long weekend (Starting on Thursday and ending on Monday morning is my fave…).

Stage 1-4 is a lot more than just physical results. It always has been. So like I said this week. I’ll continue to educate you, everyday.

Because doing so… Is the only way that you’ll truly benefit, from everything ‘S-curve world’.

Today’s headline 

> What this Tumblr follower said 2 days ago…

This is the attitude that too many people have.

Usually… They have this thought process. Because they suffer from a problem, that no else that they know… Has.

So they think that the goal is unreachable.

It could be…

– Thyroid problems.
– Shoulder injuries (I’ve dislocated both… So I know about this one VERY well).
– Scoliosis (A common issue).
– Past or on-going surgeries.

That’s why we always focus on tailored/targeted solutions via > Stage 3 and > Prepaid. That’s what has always fixed S-curve members successfully. And in record time.

And regardless of what problem you have. The goal will always be reachable. And the time that it takes… Can and will be cut, substantially.


Because you are human. And the fundamental S-curve formula rules will always apply.

To conclude

Stage 3 has many elements to it… All of which, make up one proven formula (S-curve formula).

Part of that… Is ‘education’. That’s ‘my’ responsibility here. And the best part about education. Is that no one can take that away from you.

And if your memory does start to fade. You have stage 4… To refresh.

That’s where the 1-5-10 year time line kicks in @ being in this experience for the long haul.

Podcast shenanigans

The first podcast started in 2010.

But back then. We was using a service called blip. Which isn’t around anymore.

The focus then… Was on video interviews, with individuals like our ‘today’ social media associates. But… All fitness focused. No OOTD/OOTN/Bikini or lifestyle shenanigans.

The partnerships still exist though.

But today… The new focus is on the S-curve member podcast. It also allows you to connect on a deeper level with ‘me’. Since I only focus on the S-curve member videos behind the scenes.

It’s not a priority right now. But you can just > listen to what is there.

It doesn’t need to be a priority either. Since the focus is on interviewing S-curve members that had specific problems. That they overcame… By becoming a member.

I’ll post new interviews via all S-curve world channels, whenever they come up. Including this newsletter/FB page newsletter.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Burning man for ‘coming up for air’ (Only happens once a year though).

– A solid > shaker bottle.

– Again… S-curve bodyweight circuit motivation (Your actual workouts are 100% targeted and tailored, based on your on-going results).

– Epic… Describes the vibe in S-curve world right now (I’ll be posting as much of the offline/ in-person shenanigans, as I can).

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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