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Buzzers… > Moanday

It’s a new week. And we’re going to start it with S-curve blueprint tips. Since there’s a good chance that your brain is way off track, from the weekend shenanigans.

But first…Let me highlight the ‘niceness’ that happens to you, once you start successfully moving through the stages… When you start from stage 1.

Stage 1 – Costs $20

Stage 2 – Costs $75… But you only pay $55

Stage 3 – Costs $150… But your first month, you only pay $75

Ya… Just some extra niceness that has always been flowing through S-curve world behind the scenes over the years.

Like I said… We’re at a point in time now… Where we just show you everything that’s going on. Maybe I’ll start sharing some of the S-curve workout, video outtakes @ you will indeed ‘lol’.

Reminder S-curve blueprint tips

#1 Want to see the post gym muscle pump, stay permanently? 
Then go ‘high tension’ with some of your exercises…
– Bird dog
– The 2 second pause every 5th rep variation, of the bicycles
– Bicep curls… The half rep at the top and the bottom, variation
– Hanging half leg raises
– Standing dumbbell lunges… Where you only ‘slightly’ hit the bottom and the top of the movement
Remember… This is muscle building… So you can indeed spot build. In terms of building an S-curve physique… You already know to jump on a 121 chat to get exactly what you need to do.
> The options again.

#2 The perfect S-curve cereal is…

– Wheat type + Water (Microwave)/Almond milk + Whey + Raisins (Or other dried fruit)

And variations of that. Just make sure you keep an eye on the FB profile feed below, every other morning. The ‘shenanigans’ album to be exact. As you’ll see a regular stream of meal types, from the S-curve formula.

#3 Cycling is still the best way to do a 20-30 minute S-curve HIIT workout. The most ‘fun’, is swimming and badminton (This will boost a shred on some results phases).
#4 Try the face pull > pull apart combo exercise with light/medium weight dumbbells. Just do it. You can tell me what happens. Ha. However… You will limit the amount of times you do this… If the goal is to prevent your boobs from shrinking.

#5 Making A-rated foods ‘tasty’

– Rice
– Potatoes
– Oats
– Muesli
– Shredded wheat

All taste like s*** on their own.

If your plan told you to eat those foods as listed. You will quit @ even attempting to > become S-curvish.

All you have to do… Is add whatever you want, to spice them up. Just make sure that whatever you use… Is low in saturated fat. That’s it.

We now have a complete S-curve food/meals module now… Based on everything we’ve put into practice over the years.
– If you’re a new member… You’ll get it on stage 3.
– If you’re a past member (Before June 2017), you’ll get it on stage 4 or on one of the experiments (above).
#6 Start your workout with the exercise that you suck at the most, in that specific routine.
It’s a new week. Tell me what’s on your mind!


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