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The NEW way to get notified about nutrition? First… Read > yesterday’s daily ‘website’ newsletter. What you see today, is the sequel to that.


– Visit (Link above). And when it prompts to sign up for post notifications at the top of the page. Do so…

Don’t worry. You’ll only get ‘app style’ notifications for this newsletter. Once a day.

– FB Messenger… Sign up to it on > this page. It’s the future of this newsletter. And is the best way to get help. EVERY single person that is getting help right now, is there! Inside that @fitbuzz page FB Messenger. Or on my own profile.

S-curve Member Partner Program (SMPP) stuff

I already know that many of you have gotten into business for yourselves, in the past few years.

The world finally caught up. And a lot of people are getting into business. Because of the popularity of the internet. Or moving their offline business shenanigans, onto online platforms.

There are A LOT of deep level strategies to use. In order to find business success, using online tools.

And it doesn’t matter which industry you are in. Or what business you get into.

Managing everything effectively… Is what you MUST do (I’ve been at it myself for 13 years now).

The first tool… Is > what I mentioned yesterday.

It’s only the beginning though. And there are many uses for it. That’s the first thing to bookmark on your list @ Partner Program shenanigans.

And remember… The most effective way to be a partner. Is to have a LIVE update member page of your own. Message to reply. And we’ll set one up. The price will be based on whatever we discuss @ your goals/needs.


More S-curve blueprint tips (Nutrition focused)

– Since we focused on explaining what S-curve nutrition was yesterday…

– And because that is what we’ll be focusing on from day one on > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday.

– And because the next theme… Is mental game and mindset coaching. As that’s what we spend the most time on, in 121 coaching chats, along side ‘nutrition’.


Choosing food

You can buy any food you want. The only thing you need to do… Is get familiar with the S-curve meal structure. And then buy foods that fit the meal types.

You do this… By eyeing up the ingredients list on the food label.

If there is no food label. Then you identify the food type @ protein/carb/fat (121 coaching chats are here to help you with that).

Rate the food from A-F (A = Apple F = Apple pie with cream). And then choose or not choose.

No one food source is ‘bad’. It’s just that you’ll eat it at certain times of the day… Or periods. During the journey of your results.

Like… You’ll see ME eating this.

YOU… Won’t eat that… Unless you’re at least 60% S-curvish, like me, the associates or successful S-curve members.


It’s a guys and gals world 


– We started off helping men in 2009
– Then… Strictly women from 2011-2017
– And now it’s both. We’ve gone full circle since becoming an S-curve experience

Today… I talked about food. And a lot of you… Ask about supplements. There’s nothing wrong with that. And ‘food’ is always the first priority @ getting ALL types of results.

There are several supplements that can be categorized as ‘protocol’, within this S-curve experience.

But since we’re talking about female and male right here. Let’s start with those gender specific supps…

Female = > Lean bean

Male = > Testofuel

We’ve had them listed as ‘protocol’ for a while now. Should that change… You will be updated. The  rule around ‘ere. Is that you buy and try once, if the ingredients match @ ANY food or supp.


What’s trending?

> #TGIF type S-curve workout shenanigans

> Biotin – Not quite ‘protocol’… But good to have in your supplement stash

> Tulum for TC2.0

– Because we > prevent boob shrinkage, by at least one cup size

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