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Buzzers… Premium newsletter? The weekend is here. And it’s all about S-curve world shenanigans for me (Helping all of YOU). But let’s talk about one topic that has shown it’s face again…

Something that I’ve heard a couple or times this year now. Which is…

To create/offer a premium + digestible newsletter?

This main newsletter is free. And covers everything that goes on in S-curve world. Whilst serving several other important purposes.

But from what I’ve heard. Some folks want to see a premium newsletter. With each area/topic (Approx 4 different areas) discussed in more detail.

But when the email or notification is received. It will display as bullet points. So that you can digest it. And have the option to choose to read/digest it later.

We’ll test it at 1-2 times a week. And will show up in your inbox or notification. As [Premium].

We’ll start it at > $5.00 a month

You’ll just be sent to an exclusive/private sign up page after Paypal, and done… To then start receiving it 1-2 times a week.

We’ll start with these 2 topics…

– Weekly blueprint tips (actionable/quick fire/S-curve member) @ the type of tips. The more we talk, the more relevant these can be to you.

– Detailed explanation of S-curve member stories and from the people I meet weekly. And how their stories were/are being solved.

To make this work best for you, over time. Continuous feedback is required. Because it’s brand new.

Everyone is at different stages on here…

– We have past FitBuzzers who didn’t become S-curve members, but might. Or are just fans of the newsletter.

– Past successful members that are fans. Who sometimes jump on pay as you go from time to time.

– New S-curve members… That we’re still working on.

So again… We’ll start it at $5 a month in ‘beta’ mode. But as time goes on. And with feedback on what you like, want to see more of. We’ll price accordingly.


Towards the end of every year. More and more people end up talking about business and income, in the 121 coaching chats. It’s been that way for years actually.

And one area that I’ve been involved in. That’s easy for you to jump right into. Is day trading or investing. On > this platform.

Right now… The videos they have on there, explain everything that I’ve been talking about all year (And how it’ll tie-in with S-curve world industries).

It’s a long term play. You can choose to be aggressive or conservative too.

And taking out instant card-less ATM machine cash withdrawals, regardless of where you are in the world …. Right after creating instant cash from a trade/investment. Is a great feeling!

Signing up is the first step though (Linked above). So do that, if you’re one of these people.

What’s trending?

– > Electric wine opener… Because of the recent TC2.0 posts (See Instagram @fitbuzz).

– > Tis the S-curve experience.

– When you have a mini bar in your home @ > not ‘just’ for alcohol (Red wine isn’t so bad though).


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