The most successful student is… (High on own supply)

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Buzzers… Hump day (Mid week meaning)

Yesterday’s intro to start the day again…. As it’s the same today. It’s a hot TC2.0 season. Which means it is indeed a lifestyle phase season.

You ‘could’ start a results phase now. Or usually… Just after Thanksgiving/Christmas. But in true S-curve experience fashion… We embrace and enjoy these fun moments.

Because creating fun memories, is the best investment you could ever make for yourself and the important people around you!

Which is why TC2.0 came about organically. And why this year… It’s become OK to be at least 60% S-curvish and happy with it.

Because you should not be skipping trips, just because you didn’t look perfect!

> The TG/Black Friday/Xmas program just got serious

Because you’re invited to the year long party @ 2018

You already know that we’re creating 3-5-10 year S-curve member stories (Currently visible on the stage 3 page).

That’s what your present day/future looks like (As does mine).

So for the next week… We’re going to plan ahead. In a way that we’ve never done before.

That is… To simply give you free access to stage 4, once you reach at least 60% S-curvishly fixed. Which should be around 3-6 months from now.

Which is of course… Kick started by the 28 days left of daily 121 chats that you already know about, above.

Stage 4 is like giving you a 6 month supply of your favorite ‘whatever’, in life. Which at present… Starts ‘at any time’ you finish funking around on stage 3 – Yup.

That also means you’re going to get automatic updates (All of 2018’s unknown upgrades) to your LIVE update member page.

Yup… I did tell you we were preparing you (Read the order of operations on the page update above).

This is the first year, where our festive season shenanigans are totally in line with our S-curve

experience goals.

And since we’re open about everything here. The reason why we’re doing all of the above. Is so that we can collectively create awesome S-curve experience pics and videos.

To add to the website and FB albums that have already been created for it.

So lap it up… As we once again, get ready to ante up things in S-curve world. As we do every year.

The most successful student is…

In the past 12 months, the most successful offline and online members. Were those who were pretty clueless about the ‘fitness’ world.

As they came in with zero bad habits. Like trying a ton of random stuff and continuously failing.

That also makes for great S-curve experience people. As they are already living life ‘great’. We just improve how they’re doing it.

That trend continued, with all those people I met this year. All clueless about the ‘fitness’ world.

But… Everyone wants to be fixed.

So my advice to you. If you’ve walked in here all butt hurt (Like dating a ton of ‘duds’, leaving you with a chip on your shoulder @ finding a good partner).

Is… To allow yourself to become a student again.

It’s what all the members did this year. And it’s what brand new people are doing @ starting in fall season. Like > Miss Greene.

With that being said…

Blueprint tips, as if you were to start with a fresh brain without a tried and failed past…

#1 Rating foods from A-F…

It’s pretty simple. Which is…

A = Apple
F = Apple pie with custard

I) Most of your meals will be A-C rated. Because just ‘A’ is too boring @ taste. And to increase the amount of nutrients that you’re exposed to.

II) A-rated fruit will be your cheat snacks, most of the time.

III) F-rated foods can be enjoyed on the occasional TGIF cheat night.

Things get a little more advanced after that @ tailoring for the long term. But to start with… That’s all you need to know.

#2 Weight training or bodyweight movements

There are a lot of ways to do this (We have about 15 different specific official routines in place at present). And I could share example videos to show you what this looks like. But…

A) You’ve seen these videos in past newsletters. Live, educational and example workouts.

B) That’s not what will help you. Jumping on a 121 chat and learning about your life, will. As there’s a ton of info you are holding close to your heart and not revealing to any random joe. Info we must know about here.

But those are the only two areas that you’ll be concerned with @ getting physical.

Talking for today is over.

Now let your self slide into the direct messages on @fitbuzz FB, my FB and @fitbuzz Instagram. > More buzz for everything else.


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