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So… You know that we started all that we do here. By creating and shaping your body into a letter ‘S’. Which you can see when you turn to the left (Or right).
Because S-curve #workout #fashion is a 'thing' @eujessicadourado
Because S-curve #workout #fashion is a ‘thing’ @eujessicadourado
The repeating of ‘facts’, is also a ‘thing’ in our world.
1) Because of short attention spans
2) Because of busy-ness
3) Because it’s a proven way to make info remain at the forefront of your brain
Which is why we have social media, 121 coaching chats on Messenger apps and newsletters.
So you don’t have to remember to ‘check’. You just get notified.

Life beyond the S-curve

It’s been 10 years. So naturally, things will evolve. And they have done. Yet, organically. 
Meaning… That we only push forward with our creations… That are in line with your needs and wants.
We did this many times throughout the creation of the ‘now’ S-curve formula.
– The 2-3 minute S-curve workout videos 
– The S-curve meal structure
On that note…. Let’s dig into the main purpose of this post. Which is to highlight the most popular things, within the 4 parts that make up the S-curve Xperience.
Because those workouts… Aren’t as hot as they used to be.
Let’s dig in…

#1 Becoming S-curvish

Those workouts will never change. Because they will always be good at triggering effective results, for those who want to see improved physical results.
However, a lot of people in S-curve world today, aren’t after that.
The S-curve workouts on their own. Will turn you into 90-100% S-curvish, over a 6-12 month time period, when put to work.
But not everyone wants to work like that.
They want to enjoy their life a little more. In an ‘S-curvish enough’ body (60% S-curvish). With their favorite people.
Which is what the S-curve Xperience is.
So the popular thing today. Is the following video.
That is…
1) S-curve workouts in an outdoor gym or bodyweight circuits done anywhere…
2) A focus on ‘fashion’. Because of the feeling it brings, when you’re wearing (In ALL  parts of the Xperience too).
3) Post workout ‘Come up for air’ shenanigans. You’ll see many examples of these over on that same Youtube channel.
In short… It’s about making the original S-curve workouts, a lot more fun.
But what’s more popular than that. Is the thing that you are triggering results for.
Feeding the monster (Body/Butt)
Getting ready to #feed the #monster S-curvish @fefurlan
Getting ready to #feed the #monster S-curvish @fefurlan
In the past 2 years.. It’s been all about the supplements.
Truth be told though. It’s ALWAYS been about that. It’s just that the world took time to realise why this should be popular, more than the workouts.
Either way…
Most of the DM’s that we receive now. Are on the topic of ‘which supplements to buy’. And relative questions surrounding that topic.
Usually after eyeing up this protocol page that we created, 8 months ago.
That is indeed popular. But there’s something else going on here in S-curve world, more fun than that. Which we’ll talk about later, as  it falls under a different area within the S-curve Xperience.

#2 OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire

Back when we ran the original email newsletter. We had a segment called the S-curve blueprint tips.
These are rules that you live by, to continue succeeding within this lifestyle.
Yet… These tips were scattered, over a number of years. But over time, it became more official.
And so… I personally took the time out, to organise (And update) those tips, into official lists that you can revisit.
To-date… Via these 4 posts…
–  1000 ‘effective’ nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and workout tips 
–  1000 more sh*t fitness tips + Where do I go now? (Part 2) 
–  10000 words of pure sh*t S-curve nutrition/workout/lifestyle coaching tips
–  An EPIC list of the absolute WORST fitness tips (S-curve world)
With the final 2, focused on OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire… When dressing your S-curve.
What’s popular here?
Well… People will wear what they want. And we ourselves, don’t sell many garments. Other than the designs you see > here.
But what IS popular… Is a lot of what our associates wear. Most of which, are items that you can find in their own stores.
Which leads me to one of hot growing areas behind the scenes.
Becoming an S-curve member partner
This is fully explained in these 2 posts…
> Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements) 
> Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
But the area of focus here, in terms of what’s hot. Is you… Being posted for free, via all of our platforms.
Requirements = 
1) Be at least 60% S-curvish
2) Have a product or business (Ideally something relevant to S-curve world)
Those partnerships enrich the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
– More relationships created
– More brand awareness (On both parts)
– An improved Xperience for all those involved here
With our most recent partners. One person sells scented candles. And the other, sells paintings.
You’ll see more from them, as time goes on. As their businesses are quite new.

#3 Improved daily lifestyle

What’s popular?
Mostly the awesome stuff that we continuously find on
We’ve been adding most of those findings, on this page.
Another thing that’s going to continuously grow in popularity (As I predicted in December 2018. Is > Buzzcoin.
There are some long term goals being planned here. But the immediate thing that most of you need to do. Is sign up on the following 2 websites.
1) Binance
2) Coinbase

#4 Travel-curvish 2.0

What’s popular?
Two things…
The first
Fcuk doing S-curve #workouts 'come up for air' #bikini-curvish moments @selenaolivera
Fcuk doing S-curve #workouts ‘come up for air’ #bikini-curvish moments @selenaolivera
Eating and drinking whatever the fudge we want (Fudge is our word for fcuk) on a TC2.0 trip. Because we can, once we reach at least 60% S-curvish.
Which is explained in detail, via this post…
> The process of Eating S-curvishly (An EPIC explanation!) 
That’s the height of the S-curve Xperience. It’s where we have the most fun with food.
Which is also a time, where a lot of > these items come into good use too.
Bikini-curvishly seated eating and drinking whatever the fudge we want @rosaiiriisss
Bikini-curvishly seated eating and drinking whatever the fudge we want @rosaiiriisss
The 2nd
Finding awesome, yet less popular destinations to travel to. Which aren’t too far from the popular spots.
One area in the world that’s hot right now. Is in Tulum, Mexico.
We have the now popular spots, like @azuliktulum and @kintoh.azulik.
But there are a growing number of spots surrounding it, that are developing into something awesome. That aren’t so popular… Yet!
So… Whenever you go out on your TC2.0 trips. Look for and stay at these spots. Then tag us in your Instagram photos and videos.

To conclude

The goal, is to make ‘awesome’… Protocol. Whenever someone references the S-curve Xperience.
It already is. As validated by folks like this lady.
Just.. On a more grand scale. Which will happen. As long as we all continue to take part in all areas of the Xperience.

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