The Most Important ‘BEST’ Bodybuilding Supplement… EVER!

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Hey, I’ve seen that title before on this site. Is Shaun running out of ideas and re-posting the same stuff?

Yes, you have seen that title before,

Here – The Most Important Bodybuilding Supplement… EVER!

And for those of you who didn’t read it, the best bodybuilding supplement… EVER, is water. Read the full post to get the whole scoop.

So the answer to your question is NO! I am not re-posting the same stuff. But today I’m going to tell you the BEST water to drink during your bodybuilding workouts.

Distilled Water Fortified with Minerals

Why Distilled Water Fortified with Minerals?

This is actually water vapour that has been captured and bottled. This is water in it’s purest form also known as distilled water. Those of you who are familiar to detoxicating your bodies will probably already be drinking this water during those periods. The only down side to this water is that it will direct your health towards the land of decline after a few weeks, and just like the detoxification process, it should only be action-ed for short periods of time only.

With distilled water fortified with minerals, you get the same pure water, added with minerals. In turn, this will actually help detoxify your body when you drink it.

Perfect water!

All other forms of water have been poisoned in some way or another and no mater what process the water has been put through to regain purity, pure it will not be. This fact holds true for,

•    Tap water
•    Bottled water
•    Rain water
•    Filtered water

After all is said and done, this is the water that you need to start drinking throughout your bodybuilding life. If you want the best performance and results in your workouts, then you must employ the best. That is the best food, supplements, Shaun Sinclairs 🙂 and fitness equipment.

See you in the comments.

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