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Tis the S-curve experience…


Yup… That should be your reaction to that sentence. Like… What is that?

Well… It’s this…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

That is the lifestyle that we’ve created over the past several years for our Fitbuzz followers and S-curve members. But words don’t do a lot to explain much in 2018. So let’s share share some visuals to give you an idea.


Bikini-curvish attire @kaliburns

Improved daily lifestyle

Travel-curvish and TC2.0 trips

See what I did there? I used one image to describe each part of the S-curve experience.

And if you look at everything after ‘becoming S-curvish’. You’ll see that we like to have a lot of fun outside of working out.

The goal is to enjoy ourselves in the situations, whilst looking our S-curvish best (Men… The S-curve is a ‘thing’ for you too. And if it’s not… Your lady will make it a part of your life for sure!).


If we’re going to live like that. Then we need to cheat binge and cheat snack, in moderation. And of course… We’ll need some routine in place to maintain the physique that you’ve built.

Enter: Food and supplements

Food is the only thing you need, in order to feed your body, to obtain physical results like the one above. But we do use supplements to give natural foods… A power boost.

One example = Oatmeal + Whey protein

Which is a much better option than adding sugar.

But what about when we drink alcohol or are put into stressful situations whilst at work?


Enter: Afterdrink

The 2nd part of the food and supplements explanation. Is that you don’t need to follow any one source. All you have to do… Is look at the ingredients on the food label, of any one food source or supplement.

– You take > this S-curve meal structure.

– And if the ingredients match the make up of a meal. Then you buy and try.

Ingredients + After drink

But what about when we drink alcohol or are put into stressful situations whilst at work?

This is the reason why I’ve chosen to write about an article about Afterdrink.

#1 Because of it’s focus on ingredients.

#2 Because it’s something you can take in both of those situations.

Toxins… Free radicals…

These things will start to destroy your insides, if you don’t have a lot of balance when you’re out drinking or working.

And the antioxidants in your body, usually won’t be enough to keep things balanced inside. At which point… You start to feel like crap. Or the classic hang over ‘feeling’ from drinking alcohol.

The ingredient make up inside the capsule that the Afterdrink team have come up with… Will help…

– To prevent you from feeling like that.
– To replenish the antioxidants insure your body, whilst in those situations.

One way to look at it… Is like taking a real life S-curve lifestyle pill. Like you see Bradley Cooper take in the 2011 film Limitless.

And you know it’s real. Because you can see ME… Shaun Sinclair, living the S-curve experience along with you.


As with everything we’ve ever done on here. Taking these will always be a test.

We’ll continue to test taking these capsules in different situations…

– Travel-curvish trips
– Post workout shenanigans whilst in the city
– Post workout moments at the swimming pool

Yes… That’s my regular swimming pool from my current condo.


I personally love when new supplement ideas enter the market. Because that’s how things evolve. Our entire existence as a brand @fitbuzz… Relies on innovation and evolution.

So as usual… You’re welcome to join in on the fun. And try it out along side us.

Just make sure you jump onto one of our social media accounts and report back to us, with what you experience.

Life at (At least) 60% S-curvish @rosaiiriisss

Life at (At least) 60% S-curvish @rosaiiriisss

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